How Can Software Technology Help Ems Agencies?

When seconds matter, it’s essential to have a streamlined way of logging treatment and completing patient reports.

Electronic Patient Care Reports (ePRCs) are invaluable tools for EMS agencies. EMS agencies, whether in the field or back at headquarters, can significantly streamline their operations using ePRC software.

But how? Here is how the iPCR EMS software will benefit your agency.

What Benefits Can Ems Agencies Gain From Ems Software

●     Enhanced Workflows

Implementing EMS PCR software in the field enables you to process samples with increased accuracy. ePRC is a vital tool for patient care and data collection. Its templates and forms make capturing information effortless.

It follows patient care procedures and is readily available so those first responders can be sent out as soon as possible.

ePCR’s value extends beyond the fieldwork it facilitates.

With ePCR systems, medical treatment codes can automatically be translated into billing codes. All the care you’ve provided to a patient is accurately documented and accounted for on billing statements.

Your revenue cycles become predictable, manageable, and timely. In addition, your staff will spend less time on paperwork.

●     Accessible Patient History

Do you remember every detail about the patients that you have previously treated?

Don’t worry because the ePCR system will take care of it.

The patient’s updated medical record is available so that the most critical information will be highlighted for your convenience whenever you need it. It’s a lifesaver for treating patients — especially those with special needs, such as medication allergies.

The doctor spends more time on the treatment and diagnosis of a patient rather than wasting it by asking basic screening questions. Information about a patient’s medical history can be quickly shared with the next person in that patient’s care, even while you’re on your way to an emergency room. Also, healthcare providers no longer need to worry about the lag in communication caused by inefficient and illegible handwriting.

●     Standardization

At some of the larger EMS agencies, keeping everyone on the same page can be challenging. When multiple departments within the same municipality respond to calls, vital information can be lost if communicated differently.

ePCR is an emergency services software designed to solve these problems.

With standardized systems for handling patient information, all first responders can use the same digital files to collect essential information from patients. First responders can share vital patient information more quickly, regardless of agency or location. Patient care reporting standards may change over time, but once updated, they will be implemented throughout the entire ePRC system.

●     Complete Data Collection

In the heat of the moment, one can focus on only one thing at a time. It’s essential to keep accurate records, but sometimes it may be more crucial to focus on treating your patient’s medical condition.

Electronic patient care software can easily be set aside while caring for a patient.

A few extra minutes spent delivering care rather than documentation can significantly affect how patients recover. Once treatment is complete, you can pick up your ePCR and deal with any remaining issues.

Patients’ reports will be considered complete once they are filled out thoroughly. The software alerts you if any fields remain blank by calling attention to those empty spaces.

Obtaining complete information on patient treatments enables you to understand better your agency’s performance, including response times and types of treatments administered. You will have documentation and data at the ready should anyone need clarification about your department’s operations.


EPCR software, built initially to help make medical professionals more efficient and effective by tracking the progress of their patient’s care, can also be used directly to benefit patients.

By eliminating redundant tasks and adding efficiency to pre-existing workflows, EMS personnel can focus on what’s most important in their jobs: helping patients get better. The best ePCR software offers both on-scene and office support.

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