How Can Instant Hand Sanitisers Make Workplaces Safer?

The workplace is where we spend most of our time. We touch numerous surfaces such as phones, keyboards, documents, stationery, etc. during a normal workday. We then proceed to touch our faces or eyes. We can suffer from bacterial infections and we should use hand sanitizers to prevent such problems.

The only other way to make the workplace safer is to ensure easy availability of hand sanitizers throughout the workplace. Due to COVID-19, we have already lost millions of people. According to the WHO guideline, we have to wash our hands and use hand sanitizer to prevent COVID-19. We are going through a pandemic situation, and to keep our office safe, we have to install some instant hand sanitizers for your employees.

Why Would You Use Instant Hand Sanitizer?

While washing hands with soap and water are most effective, it is not always possible. This is how the use of instant hand sanitisers plays a vital role in maintaining hygiene and making workplaces safer.

1) Provides Protection

Washing hands with soap and water several times is the best way to get rid of harmful micro-organisms. Unfortunately, most people fail to wash their hands long enough to eliminate all the germs.

In such cases, instant hand sanitisers are very useful. Alcohol-based sanitisers are known to kill 97% of the germs. To be effective, the alcohol content must be at least 65-70%. The higher the alcohol content and the more frequently you use it, the lesser number of germs survive on your hands.

Make sure, you must use the sanitizer in a proper way and do not mix your sanitizer with water-based solution. There are some sanitizers available with artificial oils and they can moisturize your hands. It is better to use a moisturizer for this purpose, and keep your sanitizer to kill the germs.

2) Prevents Illness:  

Proper handwashing is the best protection against disease-causing pathogens residing on your hands. However, it is not always done properly. Using an instant hand sanitiser can significantly reduce the risk of getting sick.

Fewer people getting sick will create a healthier and safer work environment. You may find people in your office suffering from COVID-19, and if you do not need to sanction leave for all then you have to provide instant hand sanitizers to your workers.

With a large number of people working together in enclosed spaces, infectious diseases can be transmitted easily. Especially, Coronavirus can spread through the droplets, and it is essential to take precautions.

Alcohol-based sanitisers are extremely effective against flu and cold viruses and even the Covid-19 virus. Research shows, people using an instant hand sanitiser are less likely to fall sick, resulting in reduced absenteeism.

3) Promotes General Awareness And Hygiene: 

You can use hand sanitisers in high traffic areas of your workplace, and you should arrange the same for your clients and visitors. Sanitiser dispensers or bottles near doors, bathrooms, elevators, and in the cafeterias, can keep your office safe. Thereby preventing the spread of germs and making the workplace safe for all employees.

Instant hand sanitisers are available in small bottles that can be easily carried in pockets. This is particularly helpful in situations where soap and water is not available. Also, during meetings when it’s not possible to step away to wash your hands. So you can provide few instant hand sanitizers to your employees to conduct the meeting safely.

Employees are more likely to use instant hand sanitisers since it is easier and less time consuming than hand washing. People working together will be in contact with common surfaces like phones, chairs, and tables. 80% of all diseases are transmitted through these surfaces since not everyone washes their hands. So use such hand sanitizers to keep your office safe.

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