Things To Consider Before You Call A Glass Repair Service

Living in you room with broken windows can be quite frustating as it  ruins your privacy and also increase the risk of injury. Your kids can get injured by your broken window glass. Apart from that, you have to pay a higher power consumption bill for heat loss. To avoid such hassles, you can hire a glazier for glass repair. It is suggested to avoid using DIY tools to fix your window glass because you can get injured, and you can damage your property by using such tools.

You can call a nearby glass repair service to repair your broken windows and doors. But, before you call a glazier, you need to know about your windows, and you have to gather some information. You can convey the same to the glazier, and the service provider can give you an instant quote for your glass repair accordingly. You can find some factors that you need to look at before you call a glass repair service.

Measure the size of your broken window

There are some glazing services available to provide same-day replacement service. But it depends on the size of your broken window. They have some prefabricated window glasses for standard-sized windows. They can easily install the same in your windows. Once you call them for glass repair, they will ask you about the size of your broken window.

It is hard to know the exact size of the window, and you can measure the height and the width of the window with your measuring tape. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a sheet of copy paper to measure your window. These papers are eleven inches long, and you can use paper to measure your broken window.

Knowing your windows’ exact size can help you get the right quote from the glazing services. You can compare their prices and choose an affordable one for your glass repair.

Do you have a single-pane or double-pane window?

Window or glass repair services can easily replace the glass of your single-pane window on the same day. But if you have double-pane windows, then you have to wait for a day. Double-pane windows are custom made, and you need to customize your glass to fit it within your window frame.

You need to call your window manufacturer to customize these glasses, and you have to wait for 5-10 days to get them delivered. Once you received your glasses, you can call a glazier to install the same on your broken windows.

If you have any confusion and could not decide that you have a single-pane or double-pane window, then you must check the spaces between your windowpanes. If you find these spaces ¼ to ¾ inches, then it must be a double-pane window.

If both panes of your window are broken, then you have to change the whole frame of your window. It will cost you a huge amount. But sometimes, you can find few cracks on a single pane, and you can change this affected pane to repair your glasses.

Decide the types of glass that you want

You can install laminated glass or ordinary glass on your windows or doors. Most people prefer tempered glass for their windows. If you have such glasses on your windows and want to replace them with the new ones, then you have to wait for a week. But laminated glasses are easily available in the market, and you can repair or replace them on the same day.

So now, you can search for such glass repair services online and choose the best one for repairing your broken windows or doors.

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