Features And Benefits Of Wooden Box Crates

Wooden box crates find application in a diverse range of industries for different packaging purposes. Good quality crates are strong, and sturdy, and are able to handle different types of export material. They are available in a wide array of colors, prints, thicknesses, and sizes, that you can choose depending on your individual requirements.

Superior quality wood should be made in the manufacturing of these crates, and they should have good resistance to termites and water as well. There can be small boxes for storing everyday items like crockery and utensils, and for storing large items, you can choose wooden boxes of larger varieties.

Wooden Box Crates
Wooden Box Crates

What are the different types of crates that are available in the market?

Hinged crates

Hinged crates are the ones the tops of which are on hinges. Such crates are easy to package, and they are easy to close and open too with the help of two hinges and metal clasp closure.

Collapsible crates

Collapsible wooden box crates are extremely easy to store when not in use. Most cardboard boxes and cartons are collapsible, but when you buy a wooden box crate, then you need to keep this feature specifically in mind. Collapsible crates can be easily collapsed when not in use, and then re-built again when you need them.

Since these crates are very easy to store, they become more useful for a wide range of applications. Such crates usually have fasteners and they are not fixed with screws and nails.

Stackable crates

Storage and transportation become easy when the crates can be stacked one over the other. If you need to transport several crates at a time, then having stackable wooden box crates solves many problems. Stackable crates are easy to palletize as well, which means that you should give due attention to this feature while buying them.

However, you must ensure that you do not carry chemicals and inflammable liquids that can spill or can cause slipping problems. You can buy or hire wooden pallet racks to store the same.

Benefits of Using Wooden Crates

You can find crates made up of different materials, including plastic, polymer, cardboard and metal, but wooden ones have their own benefits. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using wooden box crates:

Wooden Box Crates
Wooden Box Crates
  • Wood is a stronger material, as compared to cardboard and plastic. Hence, crates made of wood are capable of carrying heavy loads at a time
  • Using wooden crates does not pose any harm to the environment. On the contrary, plastic and polymer ones contaminate soil and water, and cause pollution
  • Wooden crates are reusable too. Since they are strong and sturdy, they are not for one-time use, but can be used over and over again.
  • As compared to plywood and metal boxes, wooden box crates are cheaper and more affordable. Since wood is a natural resource and manufacturing of wooden crates can be done without much processing, they cost much lower than their counterparts
  • Cardboard boxes collapse when stacked over one other. But wooden ones have strong and thick walls, because of which they can be kept one over the other. They can withstand enough vertical pressure and can tolerate much of the load weight

Since there are so many manufacturers of wooden box crates out there, you can find them in different sizes, shapes and styles. You may also get them customized to suit your needs, as per the type of product you want to keep in them, and also as per your budget.

You can now buy or hire wooden crates online and also define the number of household and commercial items that you can store and send to places with these crates.

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