Post-Pandemic Pampering: 5 Fascinating Beauty Trends to Emerge in 2022

There have been a variety of exciting and innovative beauty trends throughout history, and 2022 is no different. While we have retained some of the tried-and-true beauty trends of past years, we’ve also been fortunate enough to gain access to even more to spice up our beauty routines.

If you’re ready to try something new and are curious about what you might be able to ask for at your next beauty therapy appointment, here are some of the top trends.

1. Cosmetic Tattooing 2.0

Many people consider cosmetic tattooing when they tire of applying their makeup daily. Rather than spending a fortune on products over your lifetime, you can enjoy a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing pigment into the upper layers of your skin.

Many cosmetic tattoo services are available through leading beauty specialists, such as eye lining, lips, and eyelids. In 2022, cosmetic tattoo studios have been expanding their offerings with BB glow (aka semi-permanent foundation) and other techniques. Just proceed with caution if you’re considering a newer procedure, especially if you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

2. Face Bedazzling

Many teens went through a bedazzling phase, which involved covering their prized possessions in small, shiny, plastic gems. We’ve moved on from sticking gems to our mobile devices, and we’re now using them on our faces.

Face bedazzling involves the artful placement of facial gems to enhance your makeup routine. The most popular positioning in 2022 is around the eye, with matte setting powder used to achieve better adhesion.

However, some people also apply them to their lips, with this placement more commonly seen in photo shoots for new beauty products.

3. The Rise of Tantouring beauty trends

Many people get ready for the warmer weather by applying bronzing and tanning products. However, 2022 might look slightly different for some people. While they might still apply a generous layer of tanning cream to their arms and legs for that sun-kissed look, their faces might also get a little bit more attention in a process known as tantouring.

Tantouring describes contouring for a more chiseled facial appearance using a self-tanner rather than a bronzer. The result is a more natural summer look with far less effort.

You may like to try it for yourself by mixing a small amount of tanning serum with moisturizer and applying it to the areas of your face you’d like to see more contours, such as your jaw, cheek line, and nose.  

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4. Faux Freckles

Gone are the days when people used to layer on foundation and concealer to hide their freckles. Now, people without freckles want to add a little bit more texture and spice to their appearance by applying fake freckles, known as the faux freckle look.

While some people use eyeliner and brow pencils to apply freckles over their medium or full foundation, others use a dedicated freckle pen or even henna. Those who apply freckles using henna dye generally enjoy their freckles for up to three weeks.

5. Bright Lipstick

The last decade has been about nude lips, but vibrant lipsticks are making their way back. While nude is still a popular color, we’re beginning to see pink, red, burgundy, orange, and even green popping up to complement our summer attire.

Interestingly, the increased interest in lipstick has come at a time when mask-wearing restrictions are loosening, giving people the confidence to wear full-face makeup, not just around their eyes.

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to beauty products and services. Everyone, regardless of gender, has the freedom to apply and use whichever products they choose. However, if you’re stuck for ideas, paying attention to current beauty trends like these might make the decision-making process easier.

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