Factors to consider while hiring a translation agency

While your organization is stepping forward to the path globalization, you won’t want the language to be a barrier. Whether offering services or products, expanding into new territories means there would be language roadblock to cross in order to attain success in targeting a more significant number of potential customers and consequently grow their revenue.

In this route of expanding into international enclaves, it would be necessary to hire an official translation service to transcribe the official documentation for a transparent working. They would ensure accuracy and quality in the translation of documents. This would build a professional reputation before your international clients.

Approaching potential customers in their native language is essential. While translation would help the market to understand what are your objectives and message.  Although, before contacting official translation services, it is crucial to consider a few factors. We have discussed a few here:


While hiring a service for official documentation translation, you would need to consider the industry your potential translation agency works with. The one-size-fits-all an approach is not really suitable for official translation service. Since there are very specific language and jargon which could be difficult to approach by non-professionals.

Therefore, it is essential to check if the company is expertise in your particular industry. Hire a company with professionals that have in-depth knowledge on the specific topics of the documentation; you want to get translated.

Timely delivery

In any business, time is equally proportional to money. Therefore, it is essential for you to consider if the company could deliver your document translation in time; since dealing with international clients would indicate to recognize the time-zones difference.

Hence, choose a company that can provide on time and honors your work schedule. You would also have deadlines to meet and if the official document translation is not finished on time, it would not only hamper the work but also leave a bad impression on the international client.

Human linguistics

Ask the company about the methods they are going to translate your documentation. If they use ‘traditional’ methods which solely relies on the manual translation of human linguistics? Or if they use software to aid the work.

You should go with a company that has human professionals working with them since they ensure prominent accuracy and fluency of the translation work. They would understand the objectives and message you are putting forward better than any machine. But ensure that they have a strong common in the area you are getting the documents translated for.


In business, official documents require a confidently as they have classified information in them. You should be assured about the secured storage of your translated documents so that the information is not shared with anyone the official translation services provider and you. Do ask them to sign a confidentiality agreement with their networks of editor and translators.

This is an important aspect to consider from the company you are evaluating to hire. Distribution of information with the acknowledgment is a violation of business ethics.

Customer service

It could be a daunting experience to translate you official documentation when doing it for the first time. The translation company should provide you with a gist of how the translation of your documentation would be initiated. They will enlighten you about the break down of the process and how the prices are set and other essentials details that surround your documentation. A professional company will respond to your query enthusiastically and keep you updated with the process.

Proofreading the copy

For any content document, it is essential to get it revised in order to deliver an error-free translation copy. Therefore, make sure that the company you hire have proofreading included in their translation process. A document reviewed by a second translator will ensure extensive quality.

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