Everything you Need to Know About House and Land Packages

Buying a house is often a long-standing dream for many of us. There are multiple options to take on when you are looking to buy a property. house and land packages are an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy their first house.

What are House and Land Packages 

There are broadly two categories of house and land packages for a buyer to select from. In the first type, the property seller offers only the land to the customer. Over there, the customer is free to build his or her own house, according to their construction plans.

In the second type of package, the property seller offers the ready-built house along with the land as a ‘package deal.’ This allows the customer to take possession of the house immediately, rather than having a construction project for themselves.

The already built house is fully functional to be moved in, including being fitted out with all the essential items in kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, etc. This saves time and the trouble of new construction.

Details To Consider 

House and land packages are put for sale by the developer with an advertised price and approximate date of completion of construction. The buyer can take possession of the house after this date. The fixed price covers all the costs of the entire package.

This has an added advantage that one doesn’t have to face the prospect of increasing costs, which may occur if they take up the construction of the house themselves. This is a hassle-free arrangement for the buyers in many cases.

Where To Find The Deals? 

House and land packages are commonly advertised in local newspapers. Alternatively, you can contact your local real estate agents and enquire about the available house and land packages in your area. One can also directly contact a developer and ask about the in-development or soon to be completed projects under them for their purchase.

How Does It Work Financially? 

If you are buying a new house, it is more than likely that you are going to obtain a loan for this purpose. The main difference between house and land packages and buying land and then constructing a house is the financing options are discussed here.

In the first case, if one is buying a land and then developing a property on it, he has to take two separate loans. One for the buying of land, as in a land mortgage. The second, a construction loan has to be taken or arranged to build the house. In cases of house and land packages, it is much more straightforward, as a single loan is taken against the property as a whole.

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A House And Land Package 

There Are Quite A Few Things To Consider While Choosing House And Land Packages:

  • Doing Adequate Research: Different packages come with different terms and conditions. Before buying a particular property, it is essential to check in detail all the terms and conditions, as well as the property location, amenities, and other related factors.
  • Checking Costs: Apart from the actual cost of the property, some packages come with inflated costs due to the integrated commissions or the inevitable registration fees. Such extra costs need to be calculated in a while to figure out if the property meets your budget.


A house and land package offers you the cost-efficient chance to get your hands on a brand-new home that is ready for you to move into. It allows getting the easy financing for the project, in the form of a single loan. There is no extra headache of having the burden of construction formality of the property, as you get ready-made access to your home.

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