Different Professional Services for Furniture Repairs

It is the pieces of furniture in your house that give it its character. How your furniture is styled speaks volumes about your personal preference. When masterfully curated, they often complement one another. If one of them gets damaged, you might have to replace the whole set.

If you find it difficult to depart with it, especially if the set is an antique, the best option is to have the damaged item fixed. Aside from being cost-effective, furniture repairs can save you from the hassle of redesigning and reorganizing everything in your house. You just have to call a professional, and he can restore your furniture to its former glory.

Here are the different services available when you call the repair shops:

Leather repair

Genuine leather couches are one of the most expensive types of furniture, and it would be a waste if they will just be thrown out on the sidewalk. Despite their durability, they are still susceptible to damages caused by constant use.

If the problem is just minor scratches, the repair team will only use a leather recolouring balm and buff it to restore its shine. You will be amazed by its transformation, especially if the leather fabric is highly absorbent.

However, if the problem is quite severe and it still shows some peelings and scratches, then leather binders, leather preps, and flexifil will be used by the repair team to restore it. The first step in restoring a damaged couch is to remove all the oils, waxes, and silicon using the leather preps. After that, the binder will be applied to strengthen the material and prevent future peelings. Finally, the flexifil will be used to smoothen the surface and make it look brand new.

Fabric furniture repair

Furniture with fabric coverings is easier to repair than leather. Sewing and patching are the two most commonly used methods in fixing a torn fabric. Alternatively, the owner can request an overhaul and replace the whole covering of the furniture and make it look brand new.

He can also ask if the cushions can be replaced into something that will be more comfortable for its users. Frequently, most sofa sets are sold with cushions having a density of 1.5. This density is acceptable enough, but it tends to snag after a year or so. As such, you can upgrade your upholstery to a thicker foam with a density of at least 2.0.  

Antique repair

Restoring an antique is an elaborate process that requires a skilled artisan. Working on it can be quite tricky because you still want to leave some traces that would showcase its old flair. Some of the furniture repairs that can be done on an antique piece are refinishing and stripping.

Refinishing involves re-emulsifying its surface so that dirt and grime will be removed. A skilled restorer should be able to keep 85% of its original finish despite the cleaning involved so that the antique will retain its value.

Meanwhile, owners who are ready to depart with the furniture’s original finish can request for the wood to be repainted. This process would involve immersing the antique in a chemical bath and applying a new layer of finish to it.

When one piece of your furniture set gets damage, there is no need to throw it away if you can settle for a repair. It is a cost-effective solution that can leave your furniture looking better than its original look.

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