Dialysis Technician Course– Becoming a Qualified Operation Theatre Technician

Dialysis Technician Course is among the most demanded medical program by candidates in the country, who are eager to get a wonderful and highly rewarding career. The diploma program does help the candidates to know the different techniques and skills that will be required to be exhibited in the operation room. The qualified Dialysis technician Course is expected to help the surgeons and nurses in the operation theatre setting during the surgical procedure.

Dialysis Technician course
Dialysis Technician course

Eligibility, duration‎, fees, syllabus, and other details

Knowing the details of the course will help the candidate to make a well informed approach to undergo the program and to excel in it. This program actually is considered to be a 12th diploma Operation Management Level course.

By undergoing the course, the candidate is prepared to work within the operation theatre setting as a reliable and highly competent technologist and be part of the healthcare team providing a surgical procedure to the patient.

The candidate will be working under the supervision and guidance of technical experts and senior surgeons while delivering patient care.

The course also trains them to make use of different types of diagnostic equipment like the C-arm, monitors, Defibrillators and Ventilators, etc. They are also imbibed with patient assessment skills.

The training further focuses upon the skills and knowledge required to monitor infection control policy as well as the procedures to be followed in the Dialysis setting.

Know the eligibility

To undergo the Dialysis technician course, the candidates are required to have qualified the following:

10+2 in any group having scored minimum marks of 50%.


The subjects of study include the following:

Anaesthesia drugs of different types used for anaesthesia and Anaesthesia Boyles Apparatus Gas history.

Department of Operating Room; Different disciplines; Aseptic technique

Mechanical Intubation Ventilator

Safety measures; Blood & blood products; Fluid Administration; inventory stock maintenance; Stock DDA documentation and procedures.

Position during Surgeries; Taking care of disposable equipment; Sterilization Infection Control

Course suitability

Diploma in Dialysis Technician course offers the candidates with interpersonal and technical skills necessary to work under the guidance of anaesthetists, surgical and nursing personnel.

They are expected to work harder, stand in the labs for hours together.

They should be knowledgeable and up to date with regards to innovations made in Operation Theatre Technique field.

How is the course beneficial?

It offers the candidates with sufficient knowledge and skills to provide complete care to surgical patients both before and after the operation in the Dialysis setting. They also are required to assist the nurses, surgeons, and anaesthetists in different types of procedures, as well as to assist sterilize and disinfect Dialysis rooms after the surgery following NABH protocols.

They are eligible to pursue further courses on successful completion of the diploma program, thus improving their job opportunities and educational qualification.

Employment areas

  • Emergency centres
  • Government hospitals
  • Clinics and doctor’s office
  • Private laboratory
  • Pharma companies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Job types
  • Lab Technician
  • Dialysis Assistant
  • Anaesthetist Consultant
  • Associate Consultant / Consultant

Dialysis Technician

Lecturer and Teacher Being a two-year diploma in physiotherapy, this program involves a fee amount of approximately Rs. 35,000.

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