8 Things You Can Do With A Degree In International Relations

Are you fascinated by world events and global affairs? Do you enjoy analyzing political dynamics and understanding the complexities of international relations? If so, pursuing an education in international relations (IR) could be the perfect fit for you. This interdisciplinary field of study opens up opportunities and equips you with a diverse skill set that can be applied in various workplaces. Here are some exciting careers you can choose from:

1. Diplomacy and foreign service

One of the most obvious career choices for IR graduates is to work in diplomacy and foreign service. With a higher education in international relations, you can become a diplomat or a foreign service officer and represent your country’s interests overseas. You’ll be responsible for conducting diplomatic missions, participating in international treaty talks, serving at your country’s embassy or consulate, and establishing contacts with other countries. This career is intellectually stimulating and satisfying and will allow you to directly influence foreign policy and advance global collaboration.

2. Journalism and media

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With a bachelor’s degree in international relations, you can pursue a career in journalism and media, and cover worldwide news and events. You can work as a journalist, reporter, or analyst for local or foreign news agencies, television networks, newspapers, or internet media firms. Your experience in global politics, diplomacy, and international affairs will assist you in giving insights, analyses, and opinions on complicated problems shaping the globe. Journalism and media play a major role in shaping public opinion and encouraging informed dialogues on global events, making it an interesting and important career option for IR graduates.

3. Non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

If you are enthusiastic about having a positive effect on global challenges such as human rights, poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, and social justice, a bachelor’s degree in international relations can set you on this path. NGOs operate internationally and strive towards solving diverse global challenges. As an international relations grad, you’ll be able to participate in policy advocacy, program administration, fundraising, and community involvement to bring about positive change in the world. You’ll work with renowned groups such as Amnesty International, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Oxfam, or World Wildlife Fund (WWF), among others.

4. International business and trade

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International trade and business play a significant part in strengthening the global economy. As a graduate with an international relations degree under your belt, you will be able to use your understanding of political and economic dynamics to work in the domain of international commerce and trade. Multinational firms (MNCs), foreign chambers of commerce, trade organizations, or government trade offices will hire you to develop trade ties, investigate market trends, execute risk assessments, and establish plans for expanding the company abroad. You’ll also engage in worldwide market research, supply chain management, and global company development, among other vocations.

5. International development and humanitarian aid

International relations graduates can also make a big contribution in the area of international development and humanitarian aid. In this career path, you’ll work with international development organizations, such as the United Nations, World Bank, or USAID, to create, execute, and evaluate development projects that aim to reduce poverty, provide healthcare and education services, and create gender equality. You’ll also interact with humanitarian assistance groups, such as Doctors Without Borders or Red Cross, to give relief and support to people ravaged by natural disasters, wars, or health difficulties. This job role offers a unique chance to operate in diverse cultural circumstances and contribute to sustainable development initiatives throughout the globe.

6. Research and think tanks

Think tanks are organizations that perform research and give proposals on several policy areas, including international relations, foreign policy, security, and global governance. You can work as a research associate, policy analyst, or program coordinator at famous think tanks such as the Brookings Institution, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, or Rand Corporation. This enables you to participate in cutting-edge research, analyze global trends, and contribute to influencing policy debates and dialogues at the national and international levels.

7. International education and academic institutions

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A bachelor’s degree in international relations may pave the way for a career in academic institutions and international education if teaching and academics are your passions. In universities, colleges, or research organizations, you can work as a lecturer, professor, or researcher focusing on subjects like international relations theory, global governance, international law, or regional studies. You may assist students interested in pursuing professions in international relations and¬†participate in scholarly writing and curriculum development. By choosing this professional path, you may foster the next wave of world leaders and advance the body of knowledge in the study of international relations.

8. Entrepreneurship and social innovation

You can start your own business and engage in social innovation if you have a bachelor’s degree in international relations. Your business or non-profit organization can focus on global activism, sustainable development, international commerce, or any of these. Your understanding of cultural nuances, diplomatic ties, and knowledge of global dynamics will help you come up with a fresh approach to pressing global issues. Through social innovation and entrepreneurship, you may follow your passions, work for yourself, and make a difference in the world at your own pace.


A bachelor’s degree in international relations opens up a world of opportunities beyond the traditional career paths. The options are broad and varied, ranging from non-profit organizations and social innovation to diplomacy and international service. As an international relations graduate, you can apply your knowledge and skills in various domains and make a meaningful impact in the global arena. So, whether you aspire to work for governments, NGOs, businesses, media, or academia or create your path, a degree in International Relations equips you with the tools to navigate the complexities of the world and contribute to a better future. Embark on this exciting journey, and let your passion for international affairs take you to new heights!

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