Corporate Christmas – 4 Great Ways To Combine Brand Building And Generosity This Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hope to get something in return. Generosity always comes with benefits for both the giver and the receiver. Below, you will find five strategies that allow you to harness these benefits for your business and direct them into building your brand.  

1. Master the art of gift-giving

Corporate Christmas gifts in the workplace tend to fall into one of two main categories: those that wow the recipient and leave a lasting impression, and those that end up as unwanted clutter. Carefully selected, high-quality promotional corporate gifts are a great way to ensure your offerings fall into the former category rather than the latter. 

By giving a practical and elegant gift, you’ll impress your client, colleague or employees. By having your branding beautifully emblazoned on it, you’ll ensure they always remember the person who was thoughtful enough to get it for them.

2. Work with a charity or non-profit

If your business isn’t already aligned with a charity or non-profit, Christmas is the perfect time to make it happen. You can support an organization that offers food and shelter to homeless people during the colder months or one that gives gifts to underprivileged children. 

You may also wish to consider supporting a charity that’s relevant to your business and then keeping up the connection all year through. By giving your time and money and using your platform as a business owner to help others, you establish your place as a valued member of the community. 

3. Create special offers for your customers

The holidays are a perfect excuse to introduce some special offers that will make your customers happy and drive up sales. Whether you’re a café owner or a business finance provider, there’s bound to be something you can offer. Think of the biggest fears and desires your target market faces in the lead up to Christmas and tailor your special offer and marketing to suit. 

For example, the café owner might offer a mini advent calendar with different upgrades and freebies to fuel people through their holiday preparations.

Meanwhile, the business finance provider could speak to the fear many small business owners have about cash flow over the holidays and offer a fee reduction or special Christmas terms to help out. 

4. Get in the Christmas spirit with a competition

Here, you have a few options. You could put together a couple of beautiful Christmas gift hampers full of your products. Alternatively, a gift card for your products or services would be just as greatly appreciated. Make sure your prizes are tempting enough to generate interest and then create a social media competition. 

Set a specific goal for this Christmas giveaway and use that to inform the entry requirements. Does your business need to boost its social media following? Have people comment on and share your competition post to gain entry.

If you’re looking to get more signups for your email list, have people submit their email to enter. If it’s a boost in sales you’re after, hide a clue among the products on your website and have people hunt it down and submit the answer with their entry form. 

These generous brand building strategies have been designed to allow you to give back to your clients, stakeholders, and the community at large. Each one also puts you in front of the eyes of potential new customers and presents you in the best possible light. Make this Christmas a warm, cozy, and profitable one by working them into your holiday marketing strategy.

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