Blinds vs Curtains: Which is Better for Your Modern Home?

After choosing a window from your most trusted glass and aluminum supplier in your country. You should now focus on looking for a way to keep it designed and to keep the sunlight out. In most cases, you just have two options, blinds, and curtains. Learn which one is best for you in this article!


Curtains are generally the cheaper option which can look good in almost every kind of interior design. Because of its versatility, and better versatility when it comes to design, curtains are usually the choice for the majority of the people. Here are some of the reasons why curtains are the majority choice.

Versatility in Design and Color Choices

Curtains are basically long pieces of fabrics that have been designed and processed to look good while hanging on the wall. They can come in different colors and intricate designs. From the simple yet elegant pure white curtains, with their semi-opaque nature, to an extravagant light green curtain that almost completely obstructs the light from the outside.

There will always be a curtain that will be absolutely perfect for the design of the room.

Different Thickness Options

Curtains can do much more than just be an added design. Similar to blinds, they’re both primarily used to block out light from the outside. Whether you want a thin or a thick curtain, you can get it.

Just bear in mind, however, that getting a thin curtain will do little to no light blockage whatsoever. However, when the sunlight is strong, it can give an interesting glow depending on its color.

Thicker curtains can outright block out light giving you a lot of privacy. Thick curtains have stronger colors and can really set the tone of a room.

Ambiance Setting

Curtains can make or break the feel of a design. Most of the time, it’s the curtains that help complete the atmosphere set by a furniture set. There’s something about their placement, as a supplement to the usual ordinary window panes that synthesize designs into a whole new level.

Light Coverage

Curtains are best used for light coverage. With curtains, it’s really hard to control the light that’s coming into your room especially since thinner ones can’t exactly block light. That being said, when they’re set aside, light can freely flow in and light up all of the environment. When they block the window, however, All of the light is blocked (unless your curtains are so thin that light just doesn’t get blocked as well).

With curtains, you can either fully block, or fully allow light. Yes, you can do half-open curtains, but that won’t do much when it comes to controlling light from entering.


You should choose blinds when you’re looking for a more practical and functional option. The most drastic difference between blinds and curtains is the ability of blinds to filter the amount of light that enters the room. These also come in different designs for different kinds of interior designs. They are also easier to clean!

Growing design options

Though not as varied as curtains, blinds now also come in different colors, designs, and sizes. More often than not, blinds are used because of their rather minimalistic appeal that can go with almost any room design. The most important difference, however, is that blinds have different slat sizes and thicknesses.

For the most part, options for designs make blinds more attractive for homeowners, but when focusing on functionality, it’s’ the size of slats that really make an impact.

Different sizes mean different levels of light control which definitely makes an impact on those who chose blinds because of it.

Easier Maintenance

If curtains need to be washed and dried every so often using heavy detergent usually due to its size, blinds, need only a short dusting or a vacuum to get rid of the dust that accumulates. The ease of cleaning makes it a popular option for people who don’t exactly have the time to keep putting curtains in the washer every now and then.


Because of its make and structure, blinds are overall more durable than curtains. Over time, curtains can deteriorate due to overuse or negligence. Even if well-maintained, the curtain will tend to sag over time. Blinds, however, are usually made of plastic or wood and the main mechanism. With the right maintenance, blinds can last years more than curtains.

Not to mention the design principles behind these. Curtains might be replaced every season due to a change in the room’s design. Blinds, however, can fit in almost any kind of room design!

Light Control

The main difference between blinds and curtains is the ability of blinds to control the light that enters the room. Curtains would usually just keep them out or let it in. Blinds, however, can be adjusted to let just a little bit or all of the light to come in with the mechanism installed on it.

Key Takeaway

Whether you choose blinds or curtains, there will almost always be one that will fit your home perfectly! You just have to pick between the versatility of design and light coverage of the curtains or the ease of maintenance and light control of blinds!

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