A New York City Bucket List

How about all of it? Because let’s face it, New York is in its magnificent entirety one of those urban gems that deserve to be explored inside out, from border to border. The majestic skyscrapers, the old quarters, the history guardians (aka museums), the renowned boroughs, its famous emerald heart – these are all bucket-list worthy stops one needs a lifetime to experience.

Still, when you have a few days or a few weeks at your disposal, it pays to know to which NYC finest moments you should limit your stay. Without further ado, let’s go over New York’s versatile landscape of culture, architecture, nightlife, and lifestyle, one worthy of adding to your travel itinerary.

Get your foodie groove on

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, New York has a place to dazzle your taste buds any time. The international cuisine scene alone is more than enough to have you rushing for the next round, while street food stalls are as delicious as they come. Up for a proper NYC sandwich? Head over to the Sullivan Street Bakery for a classic sandwich, with some bomboloni afterward. Few tourists remember to try those!

When you’re in the mood for some Italian bites, check out Via Carota in West Village for a late-night dinner. And of course, make sure you ask the locals to send you to the best and nearest bagel shop where you can get a full-blown NYC experience for your palate.

Spend time in Central Park

Spend time in Central Park
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Call it a cliché, but there can be no proper visit to this iconic city without stopping by this marvelous green spot. Stretched across over 750 acres, this majestic oasis is one of the most renowned parks in the world, and it certainly does deliver when it comes to beauty as well as available activities alike. The park is especially stunning in the spring, so if you can time your travels then, you’ll manage to avoid the summer tourist rush and mingle with the locals.

If you go during winter, brace yourself for some serious ice-skating at Wollman Rink. For all other seasons, rent a bike and cruise the park to your heart’s content, prepare a picnic basket and spend a day basking in the sun, or head over to the Central Park Zoo if you’re traveling with your youngsters.

Party NYC style – on a rooftop

Party NYC style – on a rooftop
Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/three-men-sitting-on-veranda-1194412/

In addition to its daytime urban rush, NYC likes to party with class. While jazz bars, pubs, and nightclubs do have their own reputation for wild outings, there’s a particular party scene perched atop the city’s streets: on the rooftops! When you’re staying in New York, make sure you ask around, get invited, or find a local event on one of the city’s many rooftops with a panoramic view you’ll soak in for hours.

However, New Yorkers go the extra mile for these special events, so you will be able to experience some of the finest catering NYC has to offer in addition to a stellar view and spending time with the local crowd. They’ve taken the cocktail and canapé scene to a whole new level of sophistication, so make sure you prep your palate and pack a suit to match this once-in-a-lifetime occasion!  

Have some fun at Coney Island

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with kids or not, because the fun that awaits in the embrace of Coney Island is more than enough to have your inner child giggling with joy in no time. On one hand you have the beach overlooking the waves and the amusement park rides scattered in the back, and on the other hand, you’ll find the New York Aquarium for an educational session and some good marine fun.

The best time to visit, however, is when all the rides are available, which is during spring and summer. While you’re there, try go to the famous Nathan’s Hot Dogs to grab a bite, visit a street art exhibition, and enjoy the many exciting rides offered in the Luna Park!

Beach-time in Queens

When you think of urban hotspots that boast a unique love for the waves, your mind instantly goes to Santa Cruz or Ventura. While the US does indeed have a vast selection of surf-friendly cities dotted across its coastline, you’d be surprise to learn that NYC has several dreamy beaches perfect for a day in the sun.

Take, for example, the Rockaways in Queens, a typically overlooked destination by tourists, yet adored and celebrated by the locals. This is certainly one of those less famous areas where you’ll want to go to after spending a day in a museum or an art gallery and think of all the adventures you’re about to have in this unforgettable city.

NYC is certainly a timeless destination for travelers of all sorts. In addition to your standard museum-packed schedule, which is certainly a must-do when it comes to New York, give your New York City bucket list a twist by adding these stops to your itinerary – you won’t regret it!

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