7 Great Family Holiday Destinations in the United States

The United States is a great place for traveling. The vast expanse of the country and its different landscapes means that each area offers a new experience. It is especially useful while visiting with family. Thus, this list puts together 7 excellent family holiday destinations in the United States.

San Diego, California

polar bear

Out of the many places on this list, none could be perfect for a family vacation than California. The Golden Coast has some of the most breathtaking beaches in all of the United States. You could spend a few days in this state and visit some of the many exciting places there. To begin with, you could visit San Diego and take your kids to the San Diego Zoo. Your kids will get the opportunity of viewing several big mammals, including the polar bear.

By visiting such spaces,  you can not only educate your child about the animal itself but also about the various threats facing the environment. Thus, you can help them become more environmentally sensitive and aware.

Los Angeles, California

Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland Park

Next on the list is Los Angeles. This city is home to several big amusement parks, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland Park, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You could also visit the renowned Madame Tussaud’s wax museum for an encounter with the life-like wax figures of celebrities.

If you love movies and would like to pay homage, you could also visit the Hollywood sign or the Walk of Fame. Thus, Los Angeles is a city that has something special for everyone in the family and hence California is at the top of this list.

Washington, D.C.

Traveling with kids also provides an excellent opportunity for education and learning. You could spark an interest in the past and hence teach them about different cultures. Concerning this, Washington has a variety of spaces, ranging from history to space, which you can explore with your child.

Apart from the National Air and Space Museum, you could even treat your child to the International Spy Museum located inside another important building- the Smithsonian Museum. The good thing about the 11 Smithsonian Museums and galleries is that the entry is free.

Thus, you could get a healthy dose of education without spending any money on the entry tickets.

Huntsville, Alabama

US Space and Rocket Centre, Huntsville

Home to the United States Space and Rocket Centre, Huntsville is a city that is a must-see for space enthusiasts and aspiring astronauts. The Centre has a g-force simulator, a zero-gravity space walking area, and a ton of other interactive exhibits for educational purposes. Thus, it can entertain the entire family and can teach you tons about outer space.

Boston, Massachusetts

If you or your child are history buffs, then Boston is the place for you! One of the oldest cities established, it overflows with culture and contains several historical sites. As Boston occurs along the coast, one activity that comes highly recommended is the whale watching cruise. This activity is run by the New England Aquarium and is hence ethically practiced.

Furthermore, within the aquarium itself, the many exhibits will educate and entertain your child. In case you are a sports fan, you could also try catching a game of baseball at the famed Fenway Park. If you are lucky, you could watch Boston’s baseball team, the Red Sox, while eating a Fenway Frank.

Seattle, Washington


The home of Starbucks is an amazing place for family time. For music fans, the city was the birthplace of Nirvana and consequently, Grunge rock. Seattle also has a Museum of Pop Culture, with exhibits relating to musicians, the Marvel universe, and music labs.

Apart from this, there is also the Museum of Flight which houses some exhibits used in WWI and WWII. You could also check out some food tours at Pike Place Market, where you can also find the original Starbucks.

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaiian island

Vacation time also means chilling on a beach and enjoying the waves. This little Hawaiian island offers you just that. You could visit one of its several family-friendly beaches, like Wailea Beach or Napili Beach. There are many things you could do here, including going on a tour to a dormant volcano, scenic treks, etc.


There is no better way for family bonding than a well-planned road trip. Many of the places on the list also have trails or spots where families can enjoy a small picnic or a trek. Thus, you could also prepare for this by fitting your car roof racks, for carrying your tent, extra baggage, etc. We hope that this list helps you plan out your dream vacation with your family, filled with unforgettable moments and experiences.

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