5 Luxury Additions for Your New Rental Space

Have you rented a new space recently? Or are you planning to rent one in the future? If yes, how are you going to decorate it? Is anything particular in your mind? 

Well, just because it’s a rented space, doesn’t mean it cannot be well-decorated and extravagant. Extravaganza is what everybody wants, after all. 

Alright. Here I’m going to highlight some of the most incredible ways to make your rental space appear luxe. These luxury additions are sure to make a difference and guess what? They’re pocket-friendly, too. 

Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

If you want your house to look luxurious and cozy, the first thing that you need to do is redo the flooring. Ask your lessee if he can get the floor changed for you or allow you to change it by covering the cost. 

If it works, it would be the best-case scenario. In case it doesn’t, you should look for alternatives to cover the floor. The goal is to provide your rental space with a wood-like appearance. 

It may surprise you, but it’s possible without using the actual wood. Yes, you can go for wood-like floor paper. Wood paper is made up of hard plastic, which is used to cover the floors and it’s relatively cheap. 


Another thing that can provide your house with a luxurious appearance is the lights. It’s a little addition that can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your newly rented house or apartment. 

If you have an open budget, you can get a chandelier for the dining area and living room. Similarly, wall bulbs and floor lamps are best suited for bedrooms. Oh, and for the kitchen, please get a pair of ceiling lamps. 

I reckon that such fancy lights are quite expensive these days, but you don’t have to worry about it. They’re yours as you can take them with you whenever you evacuate the rental space.

Power Backup

Are you looking for things that are royal and not present in ordinary houses? If yes, you arrange a power backup for your new rental space. It’s something half of the houses in Manhattan have no idea about. 

Not like they don’t need power backup, they do. What happens when you dine on your patio? How do you manage when cooking outdoors on the terrace? Or when there’s a party in your backyard? Having a power backup is crucial at all such times. 

Renting a generator is always an option, but do you know how expensive it can be? Therefore, I would recommend buying a portable generator for your house. It’s a small, one-time investment that is going to go a long way.

Mirrors on the Walls

Ranking fourth is the mirrors. A full-sized wall mirror looks great, whether it’s in your house or at the restaurant or club nearby. This tip is especially helpful for people who are thinking of renting or have just rented a small house or a studio apartment. 

The reason is, mirrors reflect light, so they produce an illusion of being spacious. They can also maximize the lighting in your rooms. If there’s a large-sized mirror on one of the walls in your room, you don’t have to switch on all of the lights. 

Simply switch on one light and the mirror will light the whole room by reflecting it. Not to forget, mirrors provide security, too. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking in the other direction or not, the mirror in front of you or your side will keep you informed about the other side.

Organic Elements

As a matter of fact, people generally prefer contemporary styles these days. But who says you cannot have a contemporary look by adding organic elements to it? Well, it’s very much possible. 

Simply add green plants to your house and they will bring both organicity and chicness to your space. Not to mention, the green color can provide your space with a dash of peace and tranquillity. 

If you’re worried about their maintenance, don’t be as there are hundreds of shade-loving plants available these days. They require only water and soil, and no sunlight. Hence, they’re easy to maintain. 

The Final Words… 

How great is that? Isn’t it? A few additions can add a luxurious touch to your new rental space. All you need to do is follow them properly and you’ll see how they’ll upgrade your place. 

Also, please don’t forget about the artwork. Make sure to purchase a few art pieces and use them to decorate your house. They can include paintings, mini sculptures, antique pieces, wall-hanging ornaments, and more. If budget is not a concern, you can splurge on art pieces. If it is, you can check out the nearby thrift stores and find some antiques. 

Trust me; such little things can make a great impression at the end of the day. Let us know if there’s anything else you want to add to our list of luxury additions for your new rental space. I wish you good luck, guys!

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