5 Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids This Weekend

The weekend is here and that means the free time from school and kindergarten for your kids. There are so much free time and so many activities to try that sometimes you just can’t decide what to do. And it can be difficult to come up with fun and exciting activities that will grab the attention of young ones for a longer time.

If you are planning to stay indoor or if you want to have some fresh air, there are numerous activities to choose from. Read on to find out 5 fun activities for you and your kids.

Fun board games

If you are planning to stay inside because maybe it’s raining, have a go at some fun family board games. They can provide hours of fun and enjoyment for adults and kids of any age. There are so many games to choose from and to make things easier, choose games based on the age of your kids for their best experience. You don’t want them getting sulky because the game is too difficult for them to understand or play.

One of the games you can try is Trivial Pursuit Family Edition. This game offers hours of fun and challenge for everyone. There are question cards for kids and for adults with random trivia questions.

Candy Land is a classic race table game, and it’s perfect for your younger ones. Each player simply moves along the board finding adventures and directions along the way and races to the castle.

The Game of Life Junior edition is a faster and more fun way to enjoy this classic game. Instead of showing the entire life, the focus is on a fun and adventure-filled day. Kids can choose fun actions and careers like singers and video game designers.

Plan a treasure hunt

Who doesn’t like treasure and pirates? Without the kids knowing, plant little coins and treasure in different spots of the yard. Then make a map that the kids will follow to find the treasure. Soak it in coffee to make it brown and look old, and rip or burn edges of the paper.

Draw little fun monsters and trivia around the line the will follow. You can use them to tell some fun and exciting stories that the previous pirates experienced.

To make things more interesting, you can hide the map and make them look for it to build up the excitement. Dress up in pirate costumes for a full experience. If they manage to find some treasure, make a proper celebration and feast like real pirates.

You can even make a ship out a big box and decorate it together. There are many directions you can go with a treasure hunt, and make it creative and as exciting as you can. The treasure hunt can last the whole day and give your kids so many memories.


Camping is a fun activity for everyone and for every age. Whether you have younger or older kids, they can have so much fun while camping. If you have a backyard, you can pitch a tent outside. It’s cozy and secure, and all the necessities are very close.

Pull out sleeping bags, board or card games and you can even make a small bonfire or light a grill and make S’mores. Pull out flashlights and make everyone tell a story.

If your kids are too young or still afraid of sleeping outdoors, or even if it’s raining, you can camp indoors. The concept is still the same, put up a tent, pull out sleeping bags or bring down baby blankets for winter and pillows for ultimate comfort.

Try to be as realistic as possible, which means no TV or phones. You can play cards, tell stories, and dream about vacations and faraway places.

Riding a bike

Bikes are a universal pastime activity, one that anyone can enjoy. If the weather is nice, why not take advantage of it and go for a ride in the park or explore some new parts of the city? There is nothing better than biking with your family. It’s one of the healthiest outdoor activities you can do together.

Even if you have a very small child, you can place him in the kid seat and they will have fun also. If someone doesn’t know how to ride a bike, you can start slow with training wheels in the park or in quieter streets.

When the training wheels come off, you can go on small tours around your city, on biking trails or in the park. One parent should be in front, kids in the middle and the other parent in the back.

This way the kid will feel secure and you can keep an eye on them and steer them in the right direction. This is an activity that many people can enjoy, so let them invite their friends, or you can bring some other family members as well. The more the merrier.

Riding a scooter

Scooters are a fun and exciting outdoor activity for every age, especially kids. This can be one of the first exciting activities your child can have. Zooming up and down the street is going to make them so happy and excited, not to mention it is a very healthy exercise.

This is a great way to explore the neighborhood, the park or ride to the beach. You can also find various types of scooters for adults, so you can have as much fun as your kids. It’s a great exercise and will make you get back in shape very quickly.

Safety is important, so make sure your little riders are equipped with proper gear like helmets and knee pads. If you’ve been riding your scooter for a long time, sometimes they need new parts and there are many options out there, like Apex scooter parts.

Always choose quality parts for your kids’ safety. Whatever activity you choose to do, remember to always have fun and make the most of your time with your loved ones. Kids grow up very quickly, so use every free time you have with them. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor activity, make sure your kids have enough stuff to do and it’s up to their taste.

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