5 Best Ways to Increase Repeat Customers for Your eCommerce Store

An eCommerce store is considered as one of the successful alternatives to traditional stores. One can easily shop from the comfort of their house without any inconvenience using the e-mode of shopping. This, therefore, increases the responsibility of the ecommerce store owners too. They need to work on the various aspects of their platform to increase their reach and touch the expected figures. Along with this, the concerns of the ecommerce store owners are numerous. They have to work on their reach, keep the quality of the products up to the mark and convert visitors into customers. The new concern that has emerged is related to increasing repeat customers for the ecommerce store.

The business needs to have a remarkable average customer repeat to achieve the desired sales figures. For a retailer, it is a great matter of concern. Many big businesses are coming up with new and innovative ideas to increase repeat customers for your eCommerce store. But there is still a considerable part of the ecommerce businesses struggling to increase the average of repeat consumers. With the rise in cart abandonment rates, the concerns over increasing the repeat customer rate have gone up tremendously. It is, therefore, the need of the hour to address the same.

We have prepared a complete guide to direct you through the ways and tactics to increase the repeat customer rate. Now and then, all the ecommerce store owners think of new and creative ways to maximize the turnover and stick to just the conversion rates. It is time that you take a step ahead and work out your repeat customer rate the same way. This guide has been created to guide you and provide you with a helping hand for attaining the desired. Let’s quickly understand the same and dive into this piece:

1. Install an SSL Certificate for the win!

Amidst the increasing rate of cyber-attacks worldwide, it has now become the priority of the consumers to look for that additional security layer. Due to its central position, it has emerged as a great reason for some users to visit and shop from a particular ecommerce store repeatedly. Keeping in view the much-needed security, it is important to have an efficient tool to aid the users with the desired level of security. This purpose is served by the SSL Certificates now- a – days. SSL Certificates are widely popular in the market and provide the much-required layer of security through HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. These are available in various forms and types and can be chosen based on the requirements of the business.

With the increasing rate of threats prevailing around in the cybersphere, you can buy SSL Certificates and secure your sensitive communication between the web server and client browser. If your site has multiple domains and subdomains that need to be secured, we suggest that you go for multi-domain certificates. As they say, trust-building is the currency to repeat customers for your ecommerce store, it is desirable that you lay the foundation appropriately in a thoughtful manner, and nothing can pay you better than working on the security end. It may appear as a simple move, but it will support you in the long run towards the higher goal.

2. Design a list of Emails in advance

Though it is not easy to score repeat customers, there are a handful of ways to help you with the same. It is important to take an active step towards creating a combined email list to aim towards the target customers. Many big and small businesses are now focusing on targeting the customers for repeat purchase through the email list only. It is a basic measure, but the statistics still advise its use to reach the desired sales figures. It is important not to miss this strategy as it will not cost you massively, and if done correctly, it will bring you positive results only.

It is cardinal to a business to know the right opportunities to reach out to their target audience through emails. It is not recommended to drop emails so frequently that it almost becomes irritating for the users. One should know when to drop an email and plan it wisely to hit the mark. The email should cover all that you think they will be interested in knowing but in an extremely comprehended manner. This way, your one email is going to make them curious about your product.

3. Individual attention through personalization

With the new strategies coming every day to guide you through the same, you can now increase repeat customers for your eCommerce store without much effort. Your customers will appreciate every move you will take for them, and you can boost up your game in this digital era through personalization.  In these modern times, it is seen that users do value small tokens that are personalized for them or any small step that may cost you nothing but steal their heart. Now- a – days, some experts suggest it as the key to the hearts of your customers. So, you have to find that one thing that will seal the deal for you and focus on it as it is going to be your game changer.

Other than this, you can use the strategy of personalization for promotion too. Try to find out the time to interact with the users or part of the day they are most responsive in. This will help you to get the maximum attention from them and therefore increase your customer repeat rate. This personalization approach can also be employed to frame their preferences and then show them the same products or products related to their last purchase. This is going to save their time, and they will appreciate your efforts.

4. Active interaction through feedback

The users do have several queries, and they do want to ask you the same. In this situation, you must maintain an active interaction with them. At times, the feedback or comments can be negative for you as well. Try to follow up and reach the root cause. It is required that you solve their problems related to your product or service and update it in the comments section itself. It will encourage them to keep a healthy relationship with your brand and set an example in front of others regarding your work.

Active interaction helps build a healthy relationship and trust among users and motivate them to stay connected with you for a longer period. Therefore, you must respond to their queries in a constructive manner and as early as possible. Sometimes the users have queries and confusions, and thus it is important that you actively contribute towards it. You may even have to employ a separate team for this purpose, but it will pay you well afterwards. It is also required to keep your social media active and regularly post content in these modern times.

5. Little incentives go a long way!

As they say, nowadays a business is not only a one side story. You must keep the connection alive- both ways! Today the consumers appreciate every single effort that you make for them. In this way, incentivization is no exception. Now you can follow this unique strategy of giving little incentives to your customers to increase repeat customers for your eCommerce store.  If possible, add a little coupon to a certain amount while they purchase to a certain limit. You can also give them some bonus coins for repetitive purchases. It will help you survive in the cut-throat market competition and successfully stand out among the customers.

In this way, the mega-budget companies have made the place among their users, and the small businesses follow the same formula. It is a fact that nothing will encourage the users like this particular measure and the statistics suggest the same. To increase the repeat customer rate, the ecommerce store can also introduce the provision of loyalty coins. This way, you can establish a positive image in the market regarding your brand.


As we progress in these times of science and technology, it is important to keep your best foot forward to gain the maximum out of a situation. One such aspect is to plan thoroughly over the conversion rate and repeat customer rate well to attain the desired results. Ecommerce stores are coming up with innovative tools and technologies to survive in this era of tough competition and earn the hearts of their customers and provide them with the product or service they want.

In this way, it is important to figure out the security for your ecommerce store via SSL certificates, incentivize the users as and when possible, and personalize the things that will help you and users both. As only a store owner understands the difficulty of cart abandonment, it is required to take all the measures to avoid such obstacles along the way. This way, you will maximize the profit, build a reliable customer base and achieve repeat customer rate in a hassle-free manner.

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