4 Productivity Tools for CPAs

As a CPA, staying on track of your time is more critical today than ever before! With tax season in action, CPAs have to be efficient and organized with their time and resources. With daily distractions and efforts to stay on track of client information, you have to prepare for tax season. Making the most of your time allows you to remain productive and meet your client’s needs. We’ve collected a list of four productivity tools to help you thrive! 

1. Reliable Accounting Software

While studying for your finance degree, you may have been taught the importance of including reliable accounting software in your business to enhance your work productivity. Not only will you be able to process your transactions and manage your inventory automatically, but all of your records will be managed with ease and efficiency.

Choose options that include billing features, branding accommodations for websites, and other helpful features like document storage. With the right accounting software, like the 2022 edition of ProSeries tax software, you can keep your business organized and address client needs with greater efficiency.

2. Smart Notetaking Apps

CPAs must keep track of a ton of information and are frequently jotting down notes from their clients to make sure that information stays up-to-date and in order. Instead of adding to your wall of post-it notes, rely on smart note taking apps to save you time and keep your thoughts organized in one location.

Stay fiscally responsible by utilizing one of the many cloud-based options available to make saving your documents, lists, and other notetaking platforms easy. Some of the apps allow you to save parts of an article via screenshots. You can even cut and paste different sections of an article and highlight critical information to share with relevant people.

3. Secure File Sharing

Today, most clients are sending information to their CPAs digitally. In order to ensure that the copies of digital information that you receive remain secure and safe, utilizing effective financial processes like document storage solutions is critical.

Rather than sending files via email, a more secure approach is to integrate apps that store files in safe and secure locations. Many digital suites keep information safe and allow for collaboration with clients so that everything you need accomplished for a particular file can be addressed safely and securely.

4. Communication Platform Interfaces

Email is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. In its place is the start of smart collaborative solutions like different communication tools that make it easier to discuss information with clients, customers, and coworkers. With instant messaging built into the interface, chatting has never been easier or more efficient than with communication tools in the cloud.

Communication tools make connecting with others and collaborating on projects more straightforward. Instead of sending a group email, you can simply write a quick announcement in your general feed so that everyone involved can see it without needing to input everyone’s email address manually.

Thoughts and ideas are expressed instantaneously and are less likely to get lost in endless emails. CPAs will benefit from discussing important document information with their clients or colleagues from the safety and convenience of these secure communication tools.

Get Organized With CPA Productivity Tools

Keeping client information safe and staying on top of to-do’s are two of the biggest priorities for CPAs today. By integrating the right smart technology tools, CPAs can stay on top of their obligations and meet their client’s needs with ease and efficiency. If you are looking to increase your productivity this year, consider the above productivity tools for CPAs and get to work!

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