12 Creative Ideas For Diya Decoration

Diwali is a great time to shop for diyas and decorate your house. The flames of the diyas make your house look absolutely stunning, thereby catching everybody’s attention towards them. You can make your diyas look extra unique and different from the others by decorating them at your home, thereby decorating your house with the most beautiful and unique diyas. Given below are a few ideas that will help you decorate diyas in order to grab everybody’s attention and receive lots of compliments from people who visit your house.


You may purchase glitter from the market and use it to decorate the diya in order to uplift the appearance of the diya so that you may use them to illuminate your house. Besides that, you may buy decorated diyas and send Diwali gifts online to your friend.

Metallic Colour

In order to make it extra special, you may buy a set of metallic colours from the market or ask any of your friends to lend it to you so that you can paint the diyas using the metallic colour, thereby giving a joyful shine to it.

Beads And Ribbons

If you are not satisfied with painting the diyas, then you can adorn them by pasting ribbons, sequins, beads and mirrors on them. This would definitely uplift the appearance of the diyas, thereby making them look absolutely stunning.

Tiara Like Diyas

Since Diwali is all about lights, why not make it extra special with decorated diyas which look like a tiara. You can make use of old bangles and turn the simple diya into a beautiful tiara that can be used to beautify your house further.

Leaf Style Diya

You can seek some help from nature and use mango leaves or any other leaves and decorate the diyas, or You may try some craft ideas and decorate a diya in leaf style.

Themed Decorations Of Diya

You may choose a particular theme for the entire decor of Diwali so that you can decorate the diya as per the theme that you chose. You may choose particular colours for decorating the diyas and adorn your house with the beauty of decorated lamps.

Peacock Style Diya

If you searched for many corporate diwali gifts and could not find something special for your special one, then you may decorate a diya and amaze your dear ones with your art. You may decorate the diya in peacock style, thereby making it look absolutely stunning.

Cartoon Diya

You can have more fun while preparing for Diwali by choosing cartoon themes for decorating diyas. You may try various cartoon figures and decorate diyas in cute and adorable patterns. Besides that, you can also ask the little kids in your house to try some art activities while decorating diyas.

Clay Decoration

Besides using beads, ribbons and acrylic paints, you can also use artistic clay so that you can mold the clay in different patterns and decorate your house with the best diyas. You may use colourful clay in order to save the effort of painting the diya and the clay.

Diy Decoration Ideas

If you are not able to find any ideas that would help you decorate the diyas in your house, then you may follow some DIY art videos and decorate diyas using some old material in your house. In this way, you will be able to make the best use of the resources available to you.

Seashell Decoration

Many people have the habit of collecting seashells and preserving them as memories of their friendship or their journey. You can use the collected seashells or get some seashells from the market and decorate diyas with the same.

Old CD And Diya

In today’s world, people use cloud storage or pen drive for storing data. Therefore it becomes difficult to find CDs in our house. If you have any old CD in your house that is no longer useful, then you may use them for decorating diyas using threads and beads.

So collect all your artistic material together and start decorating diyas for decorating your house with the best-looking diyas. Have a happy face celebration with your friends and family. Happy Diwali!

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