10 Tips for Choosing What to Wear to a Job Interview

Apart from thinking a lot about what you are going to be wearing for an upcoming night out, wedding ceremony or party, there is another event for which you probably think even harder about your attire. Yes, it’s a job interview, and it can be pretty stressful. Attending a job interview is stressful as it is, imagines how much difficult it can be for a person if they don’t know what they’re wearing.

On the other hand, wearing the right clothes on the job interview can actually help you a lot in landing the job. Your clothes can either make or break your interview, so it’s very important to actually know what you’re wearing and knowing how to wear it. Take a look at the most important tips for your job interview attire and you will make no mistake:

1. Think big

The first tip is actually a trick which will tell your employees that you are willing to give your best at your job and that you aim higher. Namely, while you are preparing for the interview, take a look at the first or second position above the one you’re applying for, and dress for that one. This will show your employee the drive that you have to move up in the company and your life. Having goals and showing off that self-confidence and motivation really matters a lot and is crucial.

2. Use trusted brands

It is really not important how much money you spend on your outfit for the job interview – you probably won’t be going and buying new things from expensive brands only because you have the option of getting the job. However, there are great brands of men’s, and even more brands of women’s fashion that are amazing and that offer great options for a job interview. Bear in mind that it’s not how much you spend on the outfit, but how expensive your outfit looks.

3. A suit might be a good option

suit might be a good option

The trends certainly change, and having the ideas of a job interview from twenty years ago in your head won’t do you much good. So, try not to overdo it. If you want to opt for a suit, make sure that your suit is well-fitted and perfectly tailored – you don’t want to go to a job interview wearing a suit twice your size.

4. Trendsetting

Speaking of trends, make sure to find examples of the business fashion of today. First of all, do a bit of research and see if the company you are applying for has a certain dress code. If yes, act accordingly. If not, try to see what kind of company they are. Are they a bit old-fashioned, or are they very contemporary and modern? If the latter is the case, you might want to show your knowledge of trends, so athleisure might be a good option. After all, your ability to understand the fashion trends of today will probably mean you will know the business trends tomorrow.

5. Remember where you are going

As already established, a suit and a tie might not always be the perfect option. Before you leave your house, try to see if you’re dressed in the right way. Sometimes you might overdo it and this is something that you want to avoid. The best way to do this is to research. Find a recruiter in your vicinity, or ask a friend and see what kind of attire you should prepare. They know the industry, they conduct job interviews, so they probably know more than you.

6. Choose your color

Choose your color

Once you decide what type of outfit you are going to wear, think about the color that you want your outfit in. This is especially important if you want to purchase a new outfit, but why does it matter? The color of your clothes can have a big impact on your interview. Wearing lively colors will, for example, show your playful attitude and you will be perceived as such. If you wear black, you will come out as a serious candidate. Speaking of colors, never mix more than three, and always choose the colors that compliment your skin type.

7. Comfort first

Yes, it is important to dress to impress, but bear in mind that your own comfort should always come first. Wearing uncomfortable clothes will only make it more difficult for you to concentrate on your job interview and show who you actually are. This is the most important with the shoes – as uncomfortable shoes can always ruin the day. So pick your clothes carefully and see if you can spend a lot of time sitting and walking in that particular combination.

8. Rehearse your outfit

Before you actually dress for your big day and head out of your home, make sure that you rehearsed your outfit beforehand. Try out your combination a couple of days before your interview and see if it suits you perfectly and if there are any alterations that you need to do. Doing this at the last moment might result in different problems. What if your shoes do not fit anymore or if they are in a poor state without you being aware of it? What if your shirt gets dirty or torn? It’s always good to think about these things in advance

9. Ask for help from a fashionista

Ask for help from a fashionista

All of us have fashionista friends around us, and more often than not, we don’t actually care about their skills. However, this is the time when you might benefit from them, so make sure to ask them about the combination you had in mind. Even though you might think that the way you dress is not important, you are really losing nothing by asking your friends what they think of the combination you had in mind.

10. Hair and makeup

And now the time has come to think about your hair and your makeup if you’re a girl. As far as your hair is concerned, let it be clean and you can always opt for a very plain hairstyle. Your makeup should also be very plain and not very attacking. You want to show how natural you can be, but then again how much you care about appearances. Of course, you already know what hairstyles and styles of makeup look good on you, so simply follow your instincts.

Yes, trying to find what you are going to wear on your job interview can be very nerve-wracking. However, don’t let this be your main priority. Your only job is to prepare for the actual interview, as they are going to choose you based on your skills, not your outfit. However, pay attention to these ten tips just to give yourself little advantage. Good luck!

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