How to present yourself in the best way – video is the solution

Video has taken a serious place in today’s marketing world, but also in everyday life. Start from yourself and think about how often you watch a video during the day. If you have profiles on social media, then probably not a day goes by without you coming across and watching at least one video.

Social media – Facebook, and Instagram began to adapt their options specifically for video content and to open up new possibilities, including Tik Tok platform which is practically based on the video, and LinkedIn which introduces video more and more often, not to mention YouTube. According to statistics, YouTube has become the second largest search engine, after Google.

What does that tell us? The simplest thing is that people want and love video content, regardless of the topic. Video can always fit. And what does that mean for you? Also quite simply, that video is just a great marketing weapon that you should be using.

Why do people turn to video the most? A picture says more than a thousand words. This may sound like a cliché, but the biggest truth is.

If you think about it, you will probably find it much easier to absorb the information by watching a video, rather than reading a text or looking at some tables, etc…

Of course, this does not mean that video should be the only “language” you will use to communicate with clients, but it is a language that everyone understands, and therefore its use in your marketing strategy should be well represented.

Why is video an excellent “language” for communication today?

In addition to being the most understandable as a kind of tool or means of communication, today’s video does not necessarily require a lot of money, time, and people. The investment can be as minimal or as much as you want it to be, and thanks to the expansion of different applications and platforms, you don’t need additional employees who will only deal with video, because these applications can do exactly that for you.

You can create a video very easily, in just a few steps. First, you can record quality video content with a mobile phone today, and then create a template in the application, such as Plainly, which can personalize your video marketing solution, which you will use and set the application how you want it to create the video, based on that template and the data you want it to pull.

So you can get thousands of videos without spending hours and hours of filming and editing.

How to best use video for presentation purposes?

From presenting your brand, your business, how it works, what you do, who your employees are, what you stand for, what your products and services are, how they work, and examples of how they are used… these are all ideas that you can to create your video. You just have to let your imagination run wild. We will deal with a few of them.

1. Product presentation

Video is great when it comes to introducing a new product. Through a video, you can introduce clients to a new product visually, but also practically show how it is used, what are its criteria, for example how it is cleaned (if it is a device), how and where it is stored… Through video people, they absorb information the easiest, and what is also a benefit is that the video will give them answers to a lot of questions. Very often, potential clients have a lot of questions, so some of them give up on the purchase because they don’t decide to contact you so easily.

Well, the video can make it easier for you and them, if they get a lot of information and answers to many questions, they will decide to buy sooner and will be more ready and confident to check with you if they have any doubts.

2. Brand presentation

Products are not the only thing that makes your brand. They are your last link in a communication sense. Your ideas that you stand for, the messages you send, the way you communicate with clients, stakeholders, etc. all make up the brand that you need to take care of. Present your ideas and visions through video. Show it through, for example, a video interview with the head of your firm/company/business.

Let it not be formal, people like to see more natural and relaxed behavior, and conversation. Your brand is also your employees. Introduce them too. Who are they, why are they part of your brand, why do they want to work on it, why would they recommend your products, and which… A brand is built in many ways and has many levels, so you need to think about it too, to build better relationships and instill trust in your customers, and video can help you do that.

Socially responsible actions and messages are also a plus in your business, which can interest the general public, it also strengthens your brand, and can be shown through video.

For example, if your brand advocates for recycling, make a video about it, show how you recycle, how your products can be recycled, why recycling is important, and why you advocate for it…

3. Presentation of the work process

Everyone likes to peek behind the curtain. So make it possible for them. Make a behind-the-scenes video and show your premises, the work and production process, and where and how your products are made.

People love to see behind the scenes, regardless of whether it’s the filming of their favorite series/movie or a brand they could become a client of. It’s also another type of investment in your relationship with your customers that should be based on trust, and if you open your door to them you’re on the right track. Let video be your ally in this!

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