5 Ways to Make Your New House in Wichita Feel Like Home

No matter how excited you are about moving into your new place, the first few weeks in the new house will feel like you are in a foreign land. You are like the settlers who founded Wichita, a city on the Arkansas River (now a big metropolis), seeking a new life and opportunities.

While you may not instantly connect with your new house, certain changes can help turn it into the house of your dreams. Getting used to the surroundings and layout of your new house is a gradual process, but you can speed it up by following these easy tips. 

1. Why Did You Move to Wichita?

Think about why you relocated to Wichita. Was it a desire to improve your lifestyle? Or did you want to escape the fast-paced city life?

Whatever your reason, consider how it will affect your lifestyle. Research shows that too much exposure to city noise is not good for your cardiovascular health. Furthermore, urbanites have a 21 percent higher probability of developing mental health problems. So it makes sense why you’d want to move to Wichita. It has all the attractions of a big metropolis without the urban traffic and pollution.

If you haven’t moved yet, hire Wichita moving companies to plan and handle your impending move. A skilled moving company will ensure your belongings reach the new destination without delay.

2. Organize Your Belongings

You cannot feel at home in a house where you only see cardboard boxes and empty rooms. Therefore, one of the first steps you should take after reaching your new place is to organize your belongings and put them in their designated places.

However, start with the kitchen and your bedroom. The rest of the house can wait.

The kitchen is where you make and share delicious meals with your loved ones. Store utensils, pots, and pans for effortless access; this will make cooking more convenient and help you get acquainted with the space.

In your bedroom, assemble and make the bed so that you can find a comfortable place to snuggle into at the end of the day. Additionally, neatly store bed linen and clothing in your closet; this way, you will know where to find them when needed.

Arrange your things in a way to improve functionality. For instance, you can label storage containers and shelves to access items easily.

Unpacking and organizing your stuff is also your chance to declutter. Considering the layout and space in your new house, you can decide which items to keep and which to eliminate. Adopt the Marie Kondo approach —keep what makes you happy and let go of things that no longer serve you. The less stuff you are left with, the easier it is to organize your house.

interior decoration

3. The Decor Must Speak to Your Heart

The art of making a new house feel like home is decorating it in a way that speaks to your heart. Decorate cozy spots where you can unwind with a book or simply enjoy a quiet moment.

Designate a reading corner with a comfortable armchair or a window seat with plush cushions.

Additionally, adorn your walls with art and hangings that remind you of old times or the time spent in your previous house.

It is natural to search for a glimpse of the past when you move to a new place. You can create a wall gallery with family portraits and travel snapshots. These walls will transport you to old times, reminding you of your joyous experiences in life.

Furthermore, incorporate plants and natural elements to infuse a breath of life into your new dwelling. Bringing greenery into your house will strengthen your connection with nature and make your surroundings calm and inviting.

4. Make Your Dining Area a Place to Have Fun

The dining area can be a place where the family comes together to enjoy meals and have fun.

Style your dining area with beautiful linen, tableware, and centerpieces to set the atmosphere for entertaining gatherings.

Be bold when choosing colors; for instance, you can use vibrant colors that radiate happiness. When arranging furniture, you can mix and match chairs to add diversity, allowing the guests to choose their favorite spot.  

Store a collection of board games or card decks in a decorative box. They can help you start friendly competitions and share laughter.

Furthermore, elevate the appeal of your dining area using pendant lights or chandeliers above the dining table. Mood lighting can make your dining area elegant and chic.

5. Thoroughly Clean Your New House

Making a new place familiar goes beyond unpacking and decorating the house. Therefore, thoroughly clean your new house as soon as you move in. Cleaning the house is necessary even if the previous homeowners have cleaned it. Cleaning the new place allows you to emotionally connect with its nooks and crannies.

Adopt a step-by-step cleaning approach. You can start by dusting and wiping the surfaces such as countertops and window sills. Next, you can move to vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors to remove the accumulated dust.

While cleaning your new house, don’t overlook the corners, crevices, and hidden spaces. Pay attention to the windows, as they are the gateway to fresh air and natural light. Wash the glass panes and window frames to see what lies beyond them.


Making your house your own is a gradual process. But you can expedite this process by taking simple steps like organizing and cleaning your new home, decorating it with familiar memorabilia, and having fun in it. The more you associate with your new house, whether through cleaning, hosting parties, or decorating, the more it’ll feel like your home.

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