Insurance Marketing 101: 6 Tips for Marketing Your Insurance Business

Insurance touches on some of the most valuable belongings in a person’s life and goes into effect during a crisis when a person needs support. It’s no wonder that clients take their relationship with their insurance agency seriously and want to feel they can trust their agent and the insurance product they’ve purchased.

The insurance industry represents a fairly saturated market with tons of options. Insurance marketing will help you stand out from the competition and show clients you can meet their needs.

Here are six tips for marketing your insurance business:

Polish Your Website

The more professional your website, the more your potential clients will believe that you’re a business that will give them a fair quote and pay out any proceeds on time. You don’t need a complex website. It should provide information about what you do as a company or agent, your business philosophy, and your available products. It should be easy to read and navigate.

Get on Social Media

Social media ads do excellent insurance marketing because they are easily tailored to the right demographic and catch people when they’re already on the internet to click through to your website and learn more.

Sponsor Community Events

Community events are local and make people feel like your agency cares about the well-being of its clients. You could sponsor a local baseball team, a community event, or a fundraiser for a well-known local organization. Whatever you decide, ensure you’re getting insurance marketing out of the event by negotiating how and when your name will be displayed.

Contract a Booth and Purchase the Right Swag

You could also contract a booth at a local festival or fair. If you’re providing giveaways at the booth, try to choose items that connect people back to your insurance product. For example, if you’re marketing car insurance, you might choose a key chain or another product that makes people think of their car.

Offer Referral Incentives

Your current clients are an excellent source of insurance marketing. People tend to trust their friends and family to make recommendations. Offering referral incentives can help your customers take the extra step of passing along your information. You could also provide incentives for customers to fill out online reviews on websites like Google and Yelp, which help when potential clients start researching agencies online.

Go Where Your Customers Are and Hand Out Business Cards

This method is a little more “old school,” but if you’re looking for a specific clientele, like people in a particular professional industry, going to their conferences or frequenting places they visit and passing out business cards can help your agency grow.

Insurance Marketing is Essential to Your Business

You might know you have a great product, and insurance marketing might seem like a real chore, but the sooner you put together a marketing plan and start using the tips above, the easier it will become to find more clients and build your network.

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