5 Facts About Marijuana That You’ll Love

What is Marijuana?

Cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug that is native to Central and South Asia. It has long been used for various entheogenic and recreational purposes. It is also used in many traditional medicines. It has been used by humans for hundreds of years. However, its legal status is still uncertain.

Cannabis comes in many forms. The most common form is smoked, though it can also be consumed as a food substance. Those who prefer to smoke it could also buy its seeds and grow them at home, in states where it’s legal to do so. Most people prefer buying feminized seeds because they mostly produce female plants. Marijuana is also available as a prescription drug to treat symptoms of certain medical conditions. Its main psychoactive component is THC, which works by stimulating the pleasure-related part of the brain. This chemical releases dopamine and creates a euphoric feeling.

Marijuana is a good remedy that helps with many illnesses and mental ailments. To prove it, we decided to give 5 main facts about it in this article. 

1. Marijuana increases libido in women

Female Viagra exists, and its name is marijuana. It turns out that cannabis has the property of having a positive effect on sexual desire, helping to bring it back to those who, for some reason, have lost the desire for sex.

In California, where Vancouver weed delivery service is legal for medical use, many women use it as a mood enhancer and sexual stimulant.

And it works. More and more women are reporting that their sex lives are much improved and brighter after they started using cannabis.

It helps many couples get the passion back into their relationship and keep their family together when they are experiencing difficulties in their intimate lives after years of marriage or having children.

2. Marijuana helps with PTSD and other mental health issues

Many combatants, when they return to civilian life, experience post-traumatic stress disorder, which prevents them from living life to the fullest, constantly bringing them back to the horrors of war.

Cannabis is a great way to help relieve this condition and bring peace of mind back to these people, even after a short period of use.

In addition, marijuana helps to cure other mental disorders, such as anxiety syndrome, depression, and various sleep disorders and even helps to cope with alcohol addiction and slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The relaxing effect of smoking cannabis reduces aggression and nervousness and also gives you a positive perception of the world and people due to the interaction between tetrahydrocannabinol and anandamide, a cannabinoid neurotransmitter found in our brains.

3. Marijuana relieves physical pain and neurological disorders

Today hashish Vancouver is increasingly being used to relieve physical discomfort and pain from certain chronic conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, various types of sclerosis, and various muscle spasms.

The relief comes from the same relaxing effects of marijuana. What to say about a simple headache or menstrual pain, which cannabis relieves in no time?

If you feel constant physical tension and can’t relax in any way, perhaps your solution is a tightly packed pipe or bong with cool water after work.

4. Marijuana improves appetite and metabolism

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you’ll gain extra weight by consuming marijuana and devouring snacks. Quite the contrary, weed regulates the body’s response to sugar, influencing the production of insulin so that even by eating a lot of sweets, you remain slim and trim.

These are the conclusions reached by the authors of a study published in the American Journal of Medicine in 2013.

For medical purposes, this property of marijuana is used for eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, psychogenic overeating, and many other appetite disorders.

5. Marijuana increases creativity

Tetrahydrocannabinol interacts with various cannabinoid receptors located in the central nervous system, which changes a person’s perception of reality and activates the brain areas responsible for creative thinking.

That is why people often say that after using marijuana, they get a lot of interesting new ideas and find unconventional approaches to solving some problems.

Many creative people create their best work precisely under the influence of psychoactive substances such as cannabis.

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