4 Must-Haves Every Luxury Home Buyer Looks For

If money is no object and you’re looking to buy a new property, there are challenges that will come your way. Because you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to houses, it can be difficult to whittle down the list and find your dream home. Drawing up a property wish list can narrow down your search significantly. To help you know what to look out for, here are some of the essentials every luxury home buyer should look out for.

Privacy and Security

Ranking at the top of the list is privacy and security. When searching for a luxury home, you’ll want to ensure your personal belongings are kept safe, secure, and out of view from thieves. Some of the features that add extra protection include privacy fences, gated entry, and high-tech security systems.

You’ve worked hard to achieve the lifestyle you lead, so concentrating on safety and security is key when purchasing a luxury home. While adaptations can be made regarding security, it’s always attractive to luxury home buyers to have them in place already.


Location is everything when on the hunt for a luxury home. All luxury property buyers want their little piece of paradise. Whether you want to live on a beachfront, on an expensive ranch, or near a bustling city, take your time deciding on where to buy. For those wanting somewhere tucked away in the mountains, Steamboat Springs may be the place for you to call home.

Cheryl Foote is a steamboat real estate expert who can help you find your dream property. There are lots of Steamboat Springs real estate homes to choose from on her website that is dotted across the city, such as in the mountains, downtown, or in Fish Creek.

Luxury Amenities

A luxury home isn’t complete without out-of-this-world amenities. Whether you’re after your own home gym, pool, or a custom-made wine cellar, these are some of the luxurious amenities buyers are drawn to. Home offices and gyms are some of the most in-demand amenities this year. However, some affluent buyers want a variety of recreation options too.

This may include a tennis court, yoga studio, or home theater. Many luxury home buyers are conscious of the environment and want sustainable features like solar panels on their property. Solar panels are not only great for conserving energy but reducing your carbon footprint too.

Outdoor Space

Nothing comes close to being outside in the great outdoors. If you love nature, you’ll want your luxury home to have tons of outdoor space. The benefits of outdoor space are endless. From gardens providing a space to escape the daily pressures of life, to multi-functional areas that provide room for entertaining loved ones and for children to play, the more outdoor space available, the better!

All the above are common must-haves that the wealthiest of home shoppers look for. When searching for a new abode, it’s important to take all of these into account. Doing so will make the search less stressful and help you find a property that ticks every box.

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