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Use Your Investments to Raise Funds Without Liquidating Them

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Having to sell your assets or investment is not something that anybody wishes. It takes years for people to accumulate these investments. Thus, compromising with them due to financial requirements can put a lot of burden on an individual.

For dealing with such occasions, borrowing against life insurance can be worth considering. This particular financing service allows you to take a loan against your investment without actually having to sell it off.

Hence, there is still a chance for borrowers to regain the possession of their investment by paying off the loan. In case you are new to the process of borrowing against life insurance, then you should go through this article.

It will give you a complete range of information, regarding this financing service and how it can be used. Besides, it will even highlight the types of insurance policies that are eligible for a loan.

What is an insurance policy loan?

Anyone who has a life insurance policy can make use of it in multiple ways. One way is by protecting yourself and your family against uncertainty. The other is using such investments for borrowing against the life insurance policy.

In simple words, borrowing funds from a lender in exchange for your insurance policy is what the concept is. It allows you to deal with urgent financial requirements, without selling your investments or assets.

How does an insurance policy loan work?

Once you have achieved a surrender value on your policy, you will be able to use it to acquire finance. For this, you can get in touch with a lender who will tell you about the loan acquiring process.

Usually, a borrower needs to submit his insurance policy document, along with a filled application form. The financing firm might also require you to submit a few more documents, for borrowing against a life insurance policy.

What types of insurance policies are eligible for a loan?

Even though an insurance policy can be used to secure your future, it is not always eligible for a loan. For borrowing against life insurance, your chosen scheme should be insurance as well as an investment. Only then will you be able to borrow finance with this particular instrument.

How is it different from other alternatives?

1. Repayment tenor

The repayment tenor while borrowing against life insurance is until the scheme reaches its maturity. It gives the borrower an elaborate period to repay the loan. Moreover, they can even choose to settle it at the end of the tenor. The payment system is also flexible, which means it is a hassle-free way of borrowing funds.

2. Interest rates

The loan against insurance policy interest rate is very low compared to other options. It is yet another reason, why it is better than the rest of the alternatives. It is all because there is a guarantee attached to the loan. Besides it falls under a secured loan category for the lender making it less risky.

3. Verification routine

Another benefit of having a secured loan is that there is no verification routine. In the case of borrowing against life insurance, you do not have to go through a background check. This reduces the processing time, which can be crucial in a state of emergency.

Leading NBFCs of the country offers multiple financing services to the borrowers when they are looking for a loan in the market. They can even have a loan against mutual funds, shares other financial instruments can easily be pledged and provide you immediate funding.

So just look for the eligibility criteria set by the different lenders in the market and apply for your loan application.

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