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What are the most common problems that destroy a startup?


There are so many startups, which destroyed, and the reason behind the failure is not simply the single one. Several other reasons contribute in this respect, which merges and result in the destruction of a startup. Every startup has to face many business challenges in order to achieve success and to grow properly.

At the same time, some major problems completely destroy a startup and leave nothing behind. These problems affect a business badly and stop its growth. To overcome these problems and to avoid distractions in the way of running a startup business smoothly there is a need to resolve the entire major issues first.

For this purpose, this article will explain some of the problems that come in the way as well as describe the methods to overcome those. Some of the most common problems that can destroy a startup are as follows:

Not having a proper Business Model

The most common mistake that comes on top and highly contributes to destroying startup is not having a proper business model to work with. Having a strong business model is necessary to start any sort of business whether on large scale or on small scale.

A business model reflects all the qualities and functionalities of a business as well as it makes a businessperson able to evaluate profit out of the business. It is a complete plan that can help in easy and fastest growth of a business. Although, several types of business models helps in several ways for the growth and development of a business.

Therefore, there is a need to have a perfect business model for a startup before pitching the idea in the market. This will help a marketer in a complete way to grow and expand a startup business easily and help to work accordingly for a better outcome.

Wastage of Money on Expensive Marketing

Another major problem that contributes to destroying a startup is wasting money on expensive marketing. That marketing is not even profitable or showing better results. This marketing just consumes money and in result, not even helps in growing and expanding the business.

Marketers spending their money on such type of marketing will never get exactly what they want. As well as their aim of becoming a successful businessperson and own a powerful startup cannot achieve.

This issue can overcome by building a strong marketing strategy that is profitable as well as less costly in order to achieve great success.

Assume the same product for everyone

Not everyone responds in the same manner to a specific product. Some marketers assume a single product to work in the same way for everyone supposes if someone is starting a makeup line and instead of creating different samples of the same item relevant to several skin types, he chooses to have a single one for each skin type.

This will simply ruin the business and will not work in any way to expand because the majority of the people simply dislike it. Therefore, there must exist a variety of samples so that everyone can enjoy the benefit of it.

The major concern of discussing this is that before pitching any startup idea a marketer should have various samples of the same product depending on people’s choice and taste; this will increase the productivity as well as help in the easiest way for a small startup to grow in a short time.

Hiring more people for a small startup

Next step that simply destroys a startup is hiring people more than the actual need. Doing this will ruin a business as faster than expected. Without proper validation, hiring a great number of people for a startup is idea.

No doubt, that a strong team will work more efficiently rather than a single individual, however, this does not mean that there is a need to hire people more than the actual need. This will destroy a business as well as creates an unhealthy environment for work.

To overcome this situation there is a need to hire a limited number of people for building a strong business team. A small yet strong team will work in an efficient way and take a startup business to the next level in a simple and easy way.  

Poor techniques for attracting the audience

Another major problem that highly contributes to the destruction of a startup is making use of unsuitable and poor marketing techniques. Doing this will not help a marketer to attract more audience. This instead of attracting more audience will reduce the audience. Which in the result, affect the productivity and effectiveness of a business.

To resolve this problem and achieving great success there is a need to use such type of tactics that will attract an audience in less time and easily. Moreover, will take a startup from ground to a higher level.


To every startup, there are so many challenges in the way, which affect its productivity and growth. These challenges turn into major problems that will destroy a business startup and reduce its productivity and growth before getting enough of fame. Such problems must overcome as soon as possible in order to have a better outcome from a startup business.

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