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The Power of Colors – Best Ways to Create an Illusion of Grandeur

Power of Colors

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Not all of us are lucky to have millions of dollars which we can spend on creating the house of our dreams. However, you will be happy to know that you can have a lavish-looking home on a budget as well. The trick is in creating an illusion and there are certain colors and features that will help you do just that. We came up with some pointers to assist you in your endeavor. Take a look.

Introduce pillows

In case you do not have the funds or the time to do any major redecoration, you can start with something simple.

For instance, adding new pillows or replacing your old ones is an easy way to introduce some elegance and comfort into your home. Dark green, magenta and gold, for example, go great together.

What you should also do is look for different textures, such as velvet and knit wools. When you know how to mix and match all sorts of styles, this will be a piece of cake.

Replace old hardware

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Another thing that is on the easier side is getting new hardware. The best places for finding some ornate and expensive-looking pieces are antique shops and flea markets.

You can replace everything from kitchen drawer pulls and knobs to light fixtures. Consider black matte or rose gold.

Additionally, if you manage to find a grand chandelier or something similar that can work as a focal point, try to incorporate it into your space.

Repaint your walls

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The color you choose for your walls can play a huge role in the overall look of your home. This decision should be considered carefully, as it will have to work well with other elements of your home.

To achieve glamour, you can opt for an understated color palette or go bold and dramatic. On the other hand, if you’re having a hard time deciding and you live in NSW, experts for residential painting from Sydney will be glad to help you pick the best color for your room.

Add color to your ceilings

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Besides walls, you can also change the way your ceilings look. If you opt for neutral light walls, your ceiling can be your centerpiece. For example, think about dark blue or black.

On the other hand, you can also match it with the walls. If you have a patterned wallpaper, you can go for a color that best complements the color scheme. Glossy finishes and bead boards can also leave a lasting impression.

Paint your vinyl floors

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In case you have old vinyl floors and no money to get something better, you’ll be glad to know that there are things you can do. Even on a tiny budget, you should be able to paint your floors.

A simple DIY project can take the whole room in question to a new level. Look for colors that match the aesthetics of the space.

For example, you can try to make it look like hardwood floors (which are always the peak of elegance) or you can go for graceful stripes, whether it’s black and white, or some other complementary neutral shades.

Think about the details

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While we already mentioned hardware and pillows, there are other details to consider. For example, by getting gold spray paint, you can transform many items, from mirror frames to vases. According to Elle Australia, gold will bring sophistication to any home.

Furthermore, if you wish to stay on the more neutral side of the painting, with beige or white walls, think about introducing pops of color through various flowers that can serve as centerpieces.

There are many things you can do when upgrading your home’s elegance while on a budget. All you need is a bit of creativity. Consider what which color can bring into your home and follow your gut.

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