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The Most Important Aspects of a Logo Design

Logo Design

In case you are making revenue by selling soup cans or a new products line of hair care, the logo of yours will be one of the initial points of interaction between your customers or consumers and your brand or company. It is just like maintaining the complete story of your entire company into one jar or bottle.

An initial look at your labels of products and the consumers must have knowledge about who you really are, what you actually are selling and why your customers should prefer your products over the products of your competitors in the market. That can definitely be a long order, specifically when you have only a handful thousand pixels, in the shape of resources to work with.

While you might be thinking of or pondering that you may replace your brands logo design some time in future, rebranding your brand or company with a newly designed image can push your customers or potential customers in some sort of confusion, specifically in case, your company is in the phase of finding its feet in the market.

Before you finalize any particular logo, make yourself sure that you have completed your research work.

Understanding the implication of the logo design can aid you to amplify your brand recognition reaching up to 80% and expand brand comprehension up to 73% for sure.

Every color, line, and shape can definitely have an impactful effect on your customers or audience and state of their mind.

Let’s take a glance into some of the most crucial features of the professional logo design, so you may understand and grow your own business and create the correct influence on your existing or potential customers.

First of All: Attract Your Target Customers

Before you get into making your professional logo design, you must have a piece of knowledge about a thing or some aspects of your targeted customers or audience.

Is it basically for females or males, baby boomers or millennials, consumers or business owners? Once you get an idea of what your target audience is and where you are trying to reach, you can easily customize your contemplated logo so that it attracts to your earmarked audience. But having a piece of knowledge about your earmarked audience is also about having knowledge about their feeling pattern.

Your targeted customers must have a psychological and emotional connection with your brand and the services or products you exist in the market to sell. And the design of your logo is the most influential ways to extract a perfect and an exact reaction from your audience’s side.

We have a knowledge about what you are pondering: If you are a logo-less company, probably you are just taking the first step. And presuming you are about to start out, what is the way to recognize the target audience of your company? You can utilize entire of the existing campaigns, beta groups and testing to aid to understand your perfect profile of a consumer.

Another perfect and great way to obtain an excellent idea of the most precious and valuable customer is to watch towards your audience and the competitors of yours and make assumptions which can be called as educated assumptions.

If your targeted customers vary far and wide, accommodating every age group and every gender, then give a try to make a universal logo for your company.

Utilize Color to Spread Emotions

The foremost thing any person watches when they give a glance at the logo is color. It sets and makes the stage for a personality and brings an overall vibe of your company’s brand.

As a matter of fact, researchers have a firm belief that various hues color a customer’s impression of any brand’s imagery more than anything else, almost.

However, the following suggestions are based on science and have some weight, it is crucial to take a note that perception about color is made up of personal experiences, cultural differences, context, and personal choices, so one may not obtain a similar response or reaction from every individual who gets an interaction with your company’s logo.

It customarily comes good to sketch a boundary around the scheme of color to merely two or three or fewer colors.

Hot & Warm Colors

A logo which has yellow or orange color will definitely spread warmth feelings, joy, positive vibes and energy. A logo with red color will encourage love, intense love, hate, passion or even the feeling of danger. Some famous examples of bright-colored logos are Coca Cola, Nintendo, and McDonald’s.

Earthy & Cool Hues

A logo with green color will soak up feelings of the surroundings or environment, harmony, relaxation, and interconnectedness. While a logo with blue color will mingle up the feelings of progress, sadness, healthcare, and leadership. The best instance of cool-looking logos is, of course, the Starbucks. Some famous logos with blue color are Facebook, Twitter, Chase, and AT&T.

Logos With Unorthodox Shades

Just due to the fact that most modern-day or recent logos fall into the categories of popular logos, it does not that you cannot ponder outside of the box. For instance, a logo with pink strike or shade generally matches with female customers and give a hint towards motherhood themes, romance, and beauty. At the same time, it too signifies something unique and different. Think about the logos of Dunkin’ Donuts, Lyft, and Barbie.

Basic Black or Bold

It might not be the modern or trendiest color in designs of the logo, but apparently black still shows strength, reliability, and authority. While if you are desirous of a logo which is simple and straightforward like Puma, Apple, and Nike, then black, for sure, black is a perfect place, to begin with.

Choose Legible & Clear Fonts

A logo which is letter-based is not perfect if nobody is able to read it easily. Ensure yourself that you make a choice of the font which is highly readable. So that customers can comfortably read your brand name with a swift glance. This means that you should opt for serif and bold font or choose to letter as a primary focus of your brand’s logo.

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