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The Best Note 20 Phone Cases of 2020

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Samsung galaxy note 20 is a classy and appealing phone. It has a wide 6.7 inch AMOLED screen, which gives the user a decent display. If you are lucky enough to own this phone, you will need to protect it.

While the Samsung galaxy note 20 boasts extra layers of protection, it would be best to add more. Accidental drops are part of daily human life and are hard to avoid. Dropping a pricey gadget like the Samsung note 20 often results in costly damages. The screen is sensitive and the back fragile. 

Avoid taking chances with a phone as expensive as the galaxy note 20. It only takes one drop on a hard surface to shatter the screen or body. And we all know how much the repairs are going to cost. A wise thing to do is to get the right note 20 case for your smartphone. This will help protect it and add to its grand design. Here are some of the best note 20 cases of 2020:

Ghostek Exec 4 Wallet Case

You’ll definitely love this phone case from Ghostek. Not only does it hold your phone safely, but also offers an alternative wallet to carry your notes and credit cards. It has a strong build with materials such as PC and hybrid TPU. It can sustain a drop of up to two feet from the ground – which is pretty great.

Why You’ll Love This Case?

  1.     Scratch-resistant – you no longer need to worry about popping your phone into a pocket full of keys with this note 20 case.
  2.     Raised bezel around the screen – easily place your phone with the screen facing down.
  3.     Two handy slots at the back – store tickets, your ID, and even cash.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear Case

Some people prefer showing off their note 20. After all, it’s a pricey, trendy, and appealing phone. A clear note 20 case displays that sleek design – like the OtterBox symmetry series.

Why You’ll Love This Note 20 Case?

  1. High level of protection – OtterBox offers superb protection by guarding against damage from drops.
  2. Shock absorbent core – when your phone drops to the ground, you need a note 20 case that can absorb the shock. OtterBox does this entirely and, thus, safeguards your phone.
  3.  Sleek outer shell with scratch resistance – sleek, scratch-resistant outer shell.
  4.  Slim design – slide your phone into your pocket seamlessly.

Gear4 Battersea Case

It’s not easy to find a high-tech phone case like Gear4 Battersea. It has a beautiful and innovative construction that lets you enjoy every minute you spend with your phone.

Why You’ll Love This Case?

  1. Innovative D30 technology – in case you are unfamiliar with this technology, it’s found in helmets, gloves, and all other PPEs. Mostly soldiers, motorcyclists, and athletes wear these protective gear. The D30 technology found in this case delivers the most advanced drop protection in the industry.
  2. Impressive 16 feet drop protection – having drop protection of up to 16 feet is perhaps the most reassuring thing to know from Gear4. It implies that your phone stays safe even from very high spots.
  3. Edge to edge protection – this is possible due to the hard shell.
  4. Added grip – it has a textured back to guard against slips. 
  5. Wireless charging compatibility – you can quickly charge your phone wirelessly, even with the cover on.

Speck Presidio 2 Grip Case

While reviewing high-tech phone cases, the list would be incomplete without the Speck Presidio 2.

Why You’ll Love This Case?

  1. Armor cloud technology – although this industry-leading technology helps to safeguard your phone against drops. It has a similar mode of operation to an airbag. Upon impact, the air capsules flex. This helps to cover about 13 feet of protection against drops.
  2. Raised bezel around the screen – protects your phone’s screen against any damage, even when you place the screen facing downwards. Helps reduce cracking and shattering.
  3.  No-slip grips – helps to guard against slips when chatting or taking photos.
  4.  Microbial protection – the phone case has Microban antimicrobial protection.
  5.  Wireless charging compatibility – you don’t need to take off your phone case when charging.
  6.  Lifetime warranty – all of Speck’s cases have a lifetime warranty, including the Presidio 2.

Urban Armor Gear Monarch Tough Case

Finding a case that doubles up on good design and protection ain’t easy. The Urban Armor case seems to match this description with several unique features.

Why You’ll Love This Case?

  1. Five layers of protection – the layers include genuine grain leather, an armored frame, metal alloy hardware, polycarbonate shear plate, and an impact-resistant rubber bumper.
  2. Aesthetically pleasing – its carbon fiber finish delivers an impressive design and surface. It also helps to improve the grip and impact absorption mechanism.
  3. Raised bezel around the screen – this ensures your screen is safe at all times.
  4. Exceeds military drop-test standards twice – guarantees the safety of your phone, even in the worst situations.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it would help if you protected your note 20 smartphones. It’s a pricey and appealing device, which you need to safeguard using a decent phone case.

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