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Steps to Upload and Send Videos Through Discord

Steps to upload and send videos through Discord

With the rise of gaming culture, several corollary apps have also risen in tandem. A type of application that has become a fan favorite is the communication apps that allow people to game and play together. In this category, the brand that reigns is none other than Discord

For those of you who don’t know, Discord is an app that has been created to let gamers chat with each other, either through text or video, while they are gaming.

But despite being a  great app, beginners may have some difficulty in getting started with it and not know how to send messages or how to post videos on Discord. 

If you’re a new user and you want some help getting started, keep on reading to find out our easy to follow instructions on how to send videos on Discord. Just doing it once will help you get the hang of it.

Steps on how to send videos on Discord:


The first step is to install Discord if you haven’t already. Anyone can use it as it is compatible with all types of mobile Operating Systems, whether iOS, Android, or other.

Open Discord

Now, open the app. When you do so, you’ll see it’s homepage which has several tabs for different kinds of functions. On the left side of the screen, you’ll be able to spot an icon which is a collection of three horizontal lines. Click on the icon.

Choose channel

Now, you’ll see all the channels that you have interacted with, and vice versa. Choose and open the channel to which you want to send the desired video. 

Open gallery

All you have to do now is simply press the “+” icon that you’ll see at the left bottom. This action will open your gallery. 

Select and send media

Just choose the video you want to send from your gallery and hit send. That’s it.

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