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Prominent Advantages Of Glass Pool Fencing That You Should Know

Glass Pool Fencing

It will be, of course, an amazing experience if you have a swimming pool in the back yard of your home. But for those families who have children and pets, it is critical to assure their safety around the pool. According to Australian Standards and laws, all the pools need to have a proper fence around it that can prevent some accidental tragedies caused by drowning.

Some traditional fences have steel rods railing but are not attractive enough when compared to glass pool fencing. Besides ensuring full protection to your family members, the glasses create a beautiful aesthetic view to your adjacent space.

Advantages Of Glass Pool Fencing:


Two types of glass pool fencing that are generally available in the market are, frameless and semi-frameless fencing. In both the pool system types, we get the advanced level of durability and safety as 12 mm thick premium quality tempered glasses, and stainless steel spigots are used here especially in fully frameless pool.

Significant Benefits:

Improvement in the safety- Statistics state that a leading cause of children’s death is drowning and the more saddening fact regarding this tragedy is that most of the accidents happen in our surrounding pools. The glass pool fencing works as a barrier and reduces such accidental drowning. Even the fence does not have any clip and toe that can help the kids to climb over it.


The glasses go through a special process where it is heated up to 700 degrees and cooled down after this process. The process causes the superior toughness of the glass and it becomes so strong and sturdy where it can withstand cracks even when someone collides against it.

Uninhabited View:

Ordinary fences can look a bit stocky, and it also hinders the view to your poolside. But the frameless transparency is one of the biggest benefits as it helps you to give an unobstructed view of the pool area. Whenever you are a meter away from your kids or pets, you can easily keep an eye on them and can immediately take action if you notice something wrong around the pool area.

Enhancement of the Look:

Glass pool fencing easily enhances the charm and beauty of your home yard. The clean and glossy fencing makes your garden look larger than the original area as the glasses reflect light in the surrounding areas. What is more, it adds a premium look and more of a ‘resort’ feel to your property, which amplifies the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Easy Maintenance:

The cleaning and maintenance process of glass pool fencing is very easy. As glasses are rot and rust-resistant, there is no need for painting and oiling. In this case, you do not need to spend much money on maintenance to keep your glass panels clean. You can wash them with a standard detergent solution.

Unobstructed Sunlight:

As the glass keeps the strong and gusty wind away at the same time, it lets the sunlight to come through. The maximum benefits of this facility can be seen in the cooler months.

Firm Spigots:

To hold the glass still and upright anodized aluminum and stainless steel spigots are used. They create a firm attachment to the concrete floor and being short in height they do not look intrusive.

You can choose designer glass pool fencing in different variants as these are very sleek, polished, and elegant in looking. By choosing the proper installation team, you can easily make customization in the fence designs to decorate the pool space according to your personal choice. Besides being secure enough, this reliable pool fencing is cost-effective that would be easy on your wallet.

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