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ProductReportCard – Everything You Need To Know


ProductReportCard is a site where you get paid for writing about a Product. You just have to share opinions and end up earning rewards in return. Besides that, there are also several activities that you can perform and earn rewards using the site. 

Activities That You Can Perform And Earn Rewards.

Answering Paid Surveys

One of the best ways where you can earn more money without having to work much is by answering paid surveys. Before that, you have to create your very own account. This is a tedious process as you have to fill a lot of forms before getting started. Compared to other survey sites, surveys in ProductReportCard are quite inefficient.

Writing Product Reviews

You have to write reviews for a specific product and you get paid for it. All this is good but the problem arises when you have to write a review for a product that you are not aware of. You just have to assume what the product is just through pictures. Most of the products are made in the US. So this is a major cause of concern when it comes to writing product reviews.

Doing Product Research

You have to do complete research on the product and give a suitable product report card review. In return, you get paid for the research you do. This is quite interesting and there is a huge opportunity for people who are into research and development. But there are always certain products on the list that are unknown and are quite time-consuming.


If you are someone who is good at writing product reviews then, the ProductReportcard is the site where you can try your hand at and earn a good sum. However, there are other great Get-to-paid sites which are more efficient than ProductReportCard.

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