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Perfume Expert Guide To Making The Scent Last Longer

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For a perfume lover, it is very important that he or she always smells amazing throughout the day and night. They will experiment with various notes, scents, and brands in order to find that one perfect pick. However, sometimes it happens that even after spending a large sum of money on a trusted brand you are unable to make the perfume last longer. There can be several reasons behind this your perfume not being able to deliver the assured results.

The first and the obvious one that comes to one’s mind is the quality of the product. Poor quality perfume no matter how expensive it is will never be able to give you the desired scent. We often in search for international brands try to buy them from the local market or a seller who should not be trusted. Such perfumes are either fake or damaged henceforth not being able to give you the fragrance you wish.

Another reason is the way you are using perfume. Wearing perfume is an art which should be followed with precision and care. If you are sure that your perfume is original, these tips from perfume experts can come in handy for you to enjoy the long-lasting fragrance.

Keep Your Pores Clean & Moisturised

Never apply perfume on a dirty skin as your pores will not be able to absorb it and it will evaporate in no time. Clean your skin well and apply some moisturizer on it before spraying the perfume on it. A clean well-moisturized skin tends to absorb the perfume properly holding it in. With your body heat, these pores will allow the perfume to dissipate slowly creating an aromatic ambiance around you.

Apply On Pulse Points

Always apply the perfume on the pulse points. These are the hot zones on your body that allows even evaporation of the perfume essence. Focus on any two pulse points and spray perfume on them. This will help you in smelling amazing for a longer period.

Spray a Little Perfume On Hair

This is a trick that has been helping all the celebrities to smell fabulous throughout the day and night. Take your favorite perfume such as Subsense perfume and spray a little on your wet hair. You can also apply the perfume on a hairbrush and comb your hair with it.

The hair strands will absorb the perfume essence holding it in. As the day passes by, even if your skin loses all the essence, the hair strands will keep it locked. If you are stepping out for a long day, date or party, this trick can come in handy.

Keep Miniatures With You

This is an expert tip that all the perfume experts and celebrities swear by. Carrying miniature perfumes or perfume shots can help you in keeping your perfume mesmerizing and long-lasting. These shots are small enough to fit into your handbag or clutch bag so that you can always keep them with you on the go.

Brands like Louis Cardin Subsense Perfume and many others are providing them online India so grab them now. On travels, parties, for business meetings or a meeting after the gym, these small shots of perfume can always make you smell like a million buck.

If you are getting tired of your regular perfume, you can switch to international perfumes. Follow all these simple tips and use international branded perfumes for the best results. These perfumes are made using high-quality ingredients, thus are known for giving long lasting scent along with an amazing sillage.

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