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What Will I Learn in a Mental Health Coaching Training Course?

Mental Health Coaching Training Course

Mental health coaches work with a non-clinical class of issues and the field of mental health coaching is exploding right now. People need help more than ever before. While mental health coaching is still a new development in the life coaching field, its transformative nature is making it an incredible tool.

So, what do you learn about in the mental health coaching training course? It’s based on the core principles of psychology which deal with the subconscious mind. The mental health coaching training course is unique and incredibly interesting, and you’ll meet all requirements of a Board Certified Coach.

Here’s a Little More About Mental Health Coaching Training Course

Part 1: NLP Life Coach Training

The mental health coaching certification course starts with Life Coach training. You’ll focus on learning neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and the 5 different parts of a successful coaching session. This track is organized for the beginner to dive right into learning.

You’ll learn about each coaching phase and all the different elements that go into achieving your coaching goals. You’ll also learn about marketing to reach your goals as you go through each of the 16 modules to achieve your life coach certification.

Part 2: ICF Coach Mentoring Clinics

The international Coaching Federation (ICF) is an organization full of trained professionals in the coaching field. This is where you learn all about listening to your intuition as you coach, so you’ll further develop your coaching skills.

You’ll be developing your coaching credential for your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coaching (PCC) certifications. You’ll learn all about the models and dynamics used in psychology that will help you develop your coaching skills.

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Part 3: Master Coach Training

This is where you start to learn how to coach in a way that continues to develop your own skills. You’ll be challenged to transform beliefs and identify endless possibilities. You’ll learn unique new coaching styles that will help you on your way to mental health coaching and beyond. You’ll inspire wisdom and harmony as you learn how to change limiting beliefs in yourself and in others.

Part 4: Mental Health Coaching Certification

This is an intensive training that helps you develop new tools as you journey to your core beliefs. You’ll find out who you really are and how it influences the decisions you make. You’ll learn to communicate effectively, grow as an individual, and inspire the best parts of your inner character. Many people say that this intensive training changes their life and the way they interact with people. You’ll use this intense training every day as you venture into the field of mental health coaching.

Mental Health Coaching Certification

Mental health coaching certification blends skills and competencies with NLP training to ensure you can take your career as far as you want to go. Not only will you learn about different aspects of yourself but you’ll also learn to distinguish between mental health issues that require a clinical diagnosis and those that don’t. You’ll learn about depth, dynamics, and conflict so that you’ll be able to coach with confidence and you’ll have support all the way through the program. Class sizes are purposely kept small for better learning.

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Start Your Mental Health Coaching Certification Today

If mental health coaching is something you’ve been thinking about, there is no time like the present to start. The field is exploding which means job security so you can take your career to the next level. The mental health coaching certification program is a deeply transformative program that students consistently rate 4.9 out of 5 stars. You’ll earn 5 different certifications while you meet the requirements for your ACC and PCC credentials so you can get to work.

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