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How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card to PayPal?

amazon gift card to paypal

Gift cards are always fun, and obviously, something you would like to get the most out of. Let’s talk about the amazon gift card, for instance, provides gift cards to shop for products and apparel in their application or website. It is quite useful and can be redeemed from the Amazon web page if you follow the instructions given below:

Once your gift card has been claimed to Your Account, the balance will automatically be used to pay for your purchases. But let’s consider the fact that we want to transfer the fund somewhere else, most of us get clueless when it comes to transferring funds from one place to the other. Yes, we are talking about the times when you want, or need to transfer your amazon gift card balance to PayPal account, that too without any hassle!

Can you transfer an amazon gift card to PayPal?

Well, it is possible to transfer an Amazon gift card to your PayPal account using some of the most common steps. However, you need to make sure that you are using the right medium to transfer the gift card to eliminate the possibility of fraud or failed transactions.

As far as prepaid gift cards are concerned, most of them are sold by companies dealing with credit cards. They are great gifts, no doubt. As a user, you can use the balance to put or transfer to any other account like PayPal. However, adding your gift card balance to your PayPal account can be a good idea if you are a user of PayPal. 

So, if you are looking forward to knowing how to convert amazon gift card to paypal, here are a few steps that you can follow!

PayPal Methods to transfer an amazon gift card to PayPal

Before you proceed with transferring your Amazon gift card to your PayPal account, it is important to take note of the things that you will need to transfer the gift card balance.

Follow the given steps to Know how to convert amazon gift card to paypal

Using a third-party medium

This method is pretty much similar to the previous method. Here too, you will need two accounts to transfer the balance – the third-party account setup that you are using, and your PayPal account. However, here you’ll have to link the gift card to your main account of the third-party medium you are using.


Adding your Amazon gift card balance to an existing PayPal account can be a matter of a few simple steps that can get your transfer done, within a fraction of a minute. All you need to do is have a sound understanding of which method would work for you, and which won’t.

However, the procedures for both methods are quite different but it completely depends upon what you are most comfortable with. So, always go with the method that sounds credible to you, and help you in transferring your valuable fund from the gift card to your PayPal account!

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