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How to Make a Business Card for your Business?

Business Card

Business cards are an element that has survived over the years despite the technological era plagued by electronic media and devices where apparently preference is given to these than to print media. Over the years we have constantly come across many or some of them, cards printed on paper that have a special size to always be at hand when needed.

The main purpose of a business card is to provide the contact details of a person or company, telephone number, email, address, etc. But although this is its main purpose, currently with so many companies that provide services or products similar to yours, it is advisable to use this element to impact your buyer or your customers.

Being an economical and simple element, who receives it has the possibility to discard your card quickly, although if you have shocking business cards you have a high probability of positioning yourself in the mind of your buyer and better yet, get him to decide to store your card to consider you an option later.

Main elements that make up a business card:

Your Information

Remember that a business card is a contact element, it is where they can know by what means and with what information to establish contact with you or your company.

The most important data are:

Any other extra data about you or your company you must evaluate if it is really necessary to place it, remember that it is a very small space and adding a lot of text will probably hinder the readability of the whole set.

Your Company Logo Design

Placing your logo design will reinforce and publicize the identity of your brand as well as position it among your ideal buyers to later relate it to the solutions to their problems.

Do not forget that these cards are probably delivered to someone who recently knows about you or your business, so placing the turn of your company can be very useful to later remind your prospective buyer why he has your card. Remember also that you can use both sides of the card.

A business card will not only provide contact information but it can also reaffirm the appearance of you or your company to your potential buyer. A good design complements your image like a professional since you know that you are interested in every detail.

The Orientation

After getting logo services, it is very common to find the typical card in a horizontal paper rectangle, almost everyone uses them most likely because it is perceived to have more space to place your information.

Try varying this orientation, placing the card in an upright position will change the way people hold your card to read your information, which will differentiate your card from many others that it may already have stored.

Do not worry about space, remember that it is only necessary to place the most important data to contact you.

Printing Methods

Thousands of print cards for a reduced cost? This seems incredible but, it is not quite. Many other companies, including those of your competition, have probably already opted for the easiest or most economical option to print their business cards and I generally refer to the business card printed on special cardboard on both sides, the color front and with a “special touch” of varnish or laminate that will give a different touch to the surface and in some cases increase its durability.

Stamp Printing

Although you have to invest a considerable amount of time, with this technique you will get a very striking result, being handmade gives that unique touch to each piece which will increase its “value” of your card to know that it is not done automatically

Metallic Inks

Whether in white or black paper, gold or silver ink will give a very remarkable appearance of elegance since they establish a very close relationship with the appearance of gold or silver, you should be very careful with this alternative since it probably does not suit any turn.


Despite having its origins a few centuries ago and that a couple of years ago it was again a trend in business cards without a doubt the artistic effect that is obtained with this technique, in combination with a good typographic design creates a very attractive mix Thanks to the reliefs on the card, it is advisable to use only text and vector illustrations since this technique can only reproduce relief based on the contour of the shapes. If you add inks to this technique, the result can be even better and more original.

Effects and Finishes

Once the printing is done it is possible to add a plus to your card and further improve its presentation, you must first evaluate the type of printing you made to later choose a finish that does not interfere with the rest of the design and ends up ruining all the work.

Colored Borders

This type of finish is adapted correctly especially with the letterpress technique since for this a paper with a thickness considerably larger than what we are used to having been used, thanks this we can add a color to the entire edge of the card giving an appearance decorative and that can also be useful to make it notice inside a cardholder where some people usually store the cards they receive.

Registration Varnish

If your design adapts to this alternative it is possible to apply a layer of transparent varnish, on specific areas of your card, it can be on some text that you want to highlight or directly on your logo or an image. The contrast between textures on the same surface is attractive to the touch and the eye giving a special touch.

Use of Images

Although the trend is focused on a minimalist design and logo services, the tastes are extensive, which is why there is also the possibility of using photographs or images on your business card.

Remember that it is a card to establish contact not to publicize your products directly, this will only look bad saturating the surface elements.

These are just some alternatives of how to make a business card for your business in a different and original way, the finishes and printing methods can give surprising results when properly combined with each other.  You should not neglect the design of your business card regardless of the finish it has since it will not be a perfect impression if the design is not functional.

Although some of these alternatives could be expensive or that require time to be elaborated it is important to keep in mind that your business cards are not flyers that you will deliver to anyone, just as you can define who is your ideal buyer you can also select Who will deliver your data since this time they will receive your data in a unique piece specially designed for those who receive it.

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