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How to Choose the Most Comfortable Shoes while Shoe Shopping?

Women buy shoes all the time. Sports shoes, high heels, flats, slippers, sandals, stilettos, and gladiator heels are some of the popular types of shoes for women. Women generally have several pairs of shoes for different occasions.

The key to buying a stylish pair of shoes is that it has to be trendy and beautiful to look at but they also have to be comfortable to walk. Shoes can bite or can cause the women to wobble while they wear them plus shoes can be incredibly uncomfortable and can cause pain.

It is very important to buy comfortable shoes that are wearable especially if they have to be worn all day or for many hours during the day. The following are some of the top hacks for choosing comfortable shoes for women:

Top Hacks to Buy Comfortable Shoes

Top Reputable Brands

·         It is very tempting to buy shoes that are stylish and beautiful but are sold by cheap brands. Cheap brands may provide shoes at a very affordable rate but these shoes are not designed in a smart way.

·         The design faults in cheap brands make the shoes, particularly high heels, wobbly and unstable. They may look very trendy but it is very difficult to wear these shoes that generally have thin soles and poor supports for the feet.


·         Though it is not possible to buy custom-made shoes all the time, generally shoe shops have measurement equipment with which the feet can be properly measured before buying shoes.

·         Sometimes one foot can be larger than the other foot and it is very important to buy shoes that fit the exact measurement of the feet. The length and width of the shoes are both important and the shoes must also have a gap between the tip of the toe and the front of the shoes.

·         The shoes need to fit perfectly and snugly but they should not be either too tight or too loose.

Different Brands

·         Similar shoes are generally available in different brands. It is a good idea to try different brands of shoes to see which shoes are most comfortable and which style and design fit perfectly.

·         Just because a brand is trendy, does not mean the shoes are comfortable for a particular shape and measurement of a woman’s feet. Keep an open mind as it is more important to be comfortable than to wear a brand that is popular but not comfortable.

Time of Day/ Walk in the Shop

·         Generally, the best time of the day to buy shoes is in the afternoon. The feet are expanded and swollen from the weather and they are also tired since morning. If the shoes feel comfortable in the afternoon, they will generally be comfortable any time of the day.

·         It is important to walk in the shoes at the store before buying the shoes to see whether they are comfortable. Just wearing them will not show a woman whether the shoes are comfortable to walk.

The above mentioned are some of the tips and hacks that will help women while buying comfortable shoes.

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