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Fashion Tips For The 2023 Belmont Stakes

Belmont Stakes

Fashion will always be a big part of the upper levels of horse racing.

Each major racing track has their own typical styles, often based on the region of the track and the weather. Southern California tracks, such as Del Mar Race Track, have a culture that often simultaneously displays their connection to Hollywood and their connection to the California coast.

East coast tracks, most famously Saratoga Racecourse in Saratoga Springs, New York, have the grace and charm of old-school aristocracy. Tracks in the Deep South, such as Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, often rely upon the “Southern hospitality” myth of the antebellum period. If you are interested in getting to know more about the competitors of the race click here:

While not everyone gets fancy for a regular race card, most people do have a sense of decorum for their local track’s most prestigious events. For those in Elmont, New York, there is no sporting event that outclasses the Belmont Stakes, the oldest jewel in America’s Triple Crown of Thoroughbred racing. The 155th running of the race, often known as “The Test of the Champion,” will take place on Saturday, June 10th.

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Dress Code

Although full suits and jackets are not required for men, they are encouraged. However, what is a requirement for many areas of the track is that no one over the age of 12, male or otherwise, wears a short-sleeved shirt or shorts. Collared shirts are also a requirement for men to enter certain areas of the track, such as the paddock, the winner’s circle, the box seats, and the Belmont Room.

The dress code for women allows for somewhat more options, as long as they retain some level of formality. Women seated in a private box seat are required to wear either a suit/pantsuit or dress. Those in the Belmont Room may wear a dress, a suit/pantsuit, or a blouse with slacks.


Although being bright and colorful enough to stand out at the track is a common goal at certain sporting events, such as the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Park trends tend to lead to more conservative color choices. Most women prefer a monochrome outfit as opposed to several different flashy colors, although some will highlight certain parts of their ensemble with small color splashes.


Belmont Park is a sporting venue, which means visits, for most, will require a lot of walking. Many women, therefore, may want to consider flats. However, compared to many other major race tracks, Belmont Park is actually fairly walkable, which means that those who wish to wear heels can don them without the hassle of navigating uneven grassy areas or staircases.


Hats are common for men and women alike at Belmont Park, particularly during the summer meet as the sun can become harsh. Although snug, well-lined hats may be best for the chilly fall meet, for the June Belmont Stakes, a light, wide-brimmed hat will likely suit your needs best.


For men, fashionable hats that will help cool their faces include bowlers and boaters. Bowler hats are often also referred to as “derby” hats; when this fashion item first came to prominence in the nineteenth century, it gained its nickname because of its popularity at the racetrack. Boater hats, unlike the round-domed bowler, have a flat top that usually is decorated with a ribbon. Boaters have brims that are typically several inches, and are made of straw.

Women’s hats are meant to be vibrant and colorful, and while the wide brims do provide sun protection, they also serve as a surface for decoration, most often with flowers. Women also have the option to eschew a hat in favor of a fascinator, which is a decoration with ribbon, lace, and flowers that attaches to the wearer’s head.

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