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Different Pallet Types Used For Transportation Of Goods

Pallet Wrapping Plastic

A pallet is nothing but a flat structure which is used for transportation of goods. They are primarily used for those goods that are being lifted by a pallet jack, forklift, front loader, a crane or a jacking device. There are different types of pallets available in the market.

These days, they have become an indispensable element when it comes to the industrial sector and the shipping industry. They are used to provide a solid base to the items which are being stored in the container.

In case of export pallets, their qualities are much better, and they are quite expensive too.

What Are The Different Types Of Pallets?

Block Pallets

These pallets can be handled from all four sides using a forklift. They are made of plastic, wood and even plywood. Usually, they comprise 4 to 12 wooden posts which are cylindrical in shape in order to stabilize the deck boards.

These pallets are available without or with bottom boards and are available in different types of configurations. In this design, both parallel and perpendicular stringers are used to enhance the handling efficiency.

Stringer Pallets

There are two different categories of stringer pallets available in the market, they are as:

Double Face Pallets

These pallets can be either reversible or non-reversible:

Solid Deck Pallet

The surface of these pallets contains one big sheet of wood and has no space. When it comes to aesthetic appeals, these pallets are considered to be very popular and they are quite easy to maintain and clean.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Pallets?

Pallets are primarily used when it comes to the shipping of goods. There are various benefits that can be deprived of them and that is the reason why they have become so popular. Here are some of the reasons for using pallets.

Pallets are made of materials that can be easily recycled. Wood, plywood, plastic and other materials can be reused for different other purposes. Now you can easily search such export pallets online and you must check their quality before buying.

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