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5 Common Mistakes with Detailing Cars and How to Avoid Them

Detailing Cars

Detailing your car is vital to maintaining and keeping it at its best. But there are common errors that people make in their car detailing routines. Some of which can cause costly effects.

Here are some of the most common mistakes with detailing cars and how to avoid them.

Causes of Mistakes With Detailing Cars

If not taken seriously, the wrong detailing can cost you much. We need to therefore be aware of possible essential causes.

With these in mind, you can begin to point out and avoid possible detailing mistakes. Thus, save your car’s worth and your efforts.

Direct Sunlight When Detailing

Some detailers prefer to clean cars in open areas with sunlight. Because the additional light makes it easier to see what they clean; however, this is not advisable, especially on hot summer days.

Sunlight’s additional heat can quickly dry out soap and water, leaving behind hard-to-remove water stains. Trying to remove them afterward can cause abrasions.

Do detailing under a shaded area with the car ramped up to drain water better. Understand more about wheel ramps for cars and how they ease up drying your car.

Improper Application of Wax

Car waxes are perfect for preserving and sealing the looks of your vehicle. However, most problems come from an incorrect application of waxes when detailing.

Never use applicators that are not recommended for the product. Most commercially available car wax comes with its own microfiber applicator. They can apply wax evenly on every surface, which sponge or foam can never accomplish.

Pouring liquids directly on surfaces is also a no-no. Spread it with the right applicator pad for even distribution. Even if you have cleaner wax, wash your car first because tiny yet hard particles may cause severe abrasion.

Reuse of Disposable Materials

While some auto detailing tools have resilient quality, not all are advisable for reuse.

Using the same microfiber cloths over and over may acquire a build-up of dirt and residues. Over time, these will harden and threaten delicate surfaces, especially on paint finishes. So never use it more than twice or always use a new one in every job.

Silly putty or tapes used to clean leather surfaces must not be reused either. They embed large amounts of materials you cannot remove easily, even by washing. Overusing silly putty may spill excess dirt into the steering wheel or the tiny dashboard spaces.

Use of Wrong Car Cleaning Materials

Avoid the mistake of applying one cleaning material for all functions of your detailing. There is no such thing as a “total car cleaner” for the detailing process.

Yes, water serves as a universal solvent but needs added element to clean. Chemicals for detailing comes from a variety of substances to achieve specific purposes. Chelators, surfactants, saponifiers, and wetting agents are the most common.

There are different applicable cleaning agents for the exterior and interior of your car. And even with the interiors, each material finish needs another treatment. The ones you wash your carpet will not apply to your car seat leathers.

Let Your Car Shine

Now the chance to give your car the look it needs is at your fingertips. Go and have the most benefits of car detailing. Remember the common mistakes with detailing cars and apply these guidelines. Read for more. We have tons of informative articles on relevant information.

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