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Can Lasik Cure Double Vision?

Can Lasik Cure Double Vision

Diplopia or double vision is when a person sees two separate or overlapping images of the same object. If the episodes of double vision are temporary, it can be due to multiple reasons such as being extremely tired or drinking too much alcohol. Such short-term double vision isn’t something to worry about usually. However, repeated episodes or long-lasting diplopia can be due to certain serious reasons such as a tumor or cranial nerve palsies.

This article helps you understand the different types of diplopia, its causes and can Lasik surgery cure it or not.

What are the Different Types of Diplopia?

Diplopia or double vision is generally classified into three types:

What are the Causes of Double Vision?

If there are repeated episodes of diplopia or it is long-lasting, it may be due to the following reasons:

Can Lasik Treat Double Vision?

The treatment of double vision depends entirely on what type of diplopia it is and its causes. The most commonly occurring form of double vision, i.e. horizontal and vertical diplopia cannot be treated with Lasik. However, the less common form – monocular diplopia can be treated with Lasik. This is because it mostly involves irregularities of the cornea which results in double vision.

Hence, a laser surgery such as PRK or Lasik might help rectify the irregularities in the cornea enough to reduce the monocular diplopia.

Remember, repeated or long-lasting diplopia or double vision may indicate the presence of some severe health problems. Hence, if you too are experiencing double vision, its best to consult your ophthalmologist today.

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