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Bigo Live – All That You Need To Know

Bigo Live

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Bigo Live is a platform that provides the facility of live streaming our favorite moments and interacts with fans on them all over the world. Having almost 200 million users all around the world, this Bigo Live has emerged as a trend these days.

What Is Bigo Live?

With the advent of digitalization, all physical activities have taken the virtual space. Recently there has been a huge requirement for video content and that is why there has been an increase in streaming services

But there are only a few of them that are worth trying. Bigo Live helps us display and discover each other’s talents and stay connected.  There are many such reasons why this streaming app is preferred by many.  Here are mentioned a few things that you need to know about it:

It Is A Global App

Bigo Live is an app that is used by people in around 150 countries. You can also download the app on your android and ios devices. There are two versions of this app, the Bigo Live PC and the Bigo Live Lite. You can use whichever version you want to.

This app adopts the latest and suitable technologies to deliver quality streaming service and can be used by people above 18 years. If any younger person wants to use this app then paternal monitoring is required.

Varied Content

The Bigo Live app also has varied content from all sorts of categories. The users have the liberty of choosing through an array of categories and select one of their own choices. Some, of the varied content, are gaming, showbiz, education, and many more.

Provides In-App Purchases

Bigo Live is one such streaming app that offers a free version and there is no ad promotion available. This enables the users to use the app hassle-free and without any sort of commotion or ad interruption. Again, in the base version, the users get the opportunity of acquiring login bonuses and can have eligibility for attaining rewards.

The users can also avail of offers in-app purchases options which will help them to upgrade to the platform. In the upgrading process, users can have subscriptions and diamond purchases. These diamonds are attained in bulk and if wanted the users can also transfer these diamonds to their favorite broadcasters or they can use the diamonds to get a VIP membership upgrade.

Helps in social interactions

This app also helps the users in having interactions with other users. It has the option of starting one on one or group video chats. There can be up to 9 people in a single video chat group. There are also filter and effect options for users to apply. Few other features include guests’ live, competitive events, rankings, etc. 

Overall Bigo Live app is available in most countries and thus the users can use this app from any country they want to. The users have the liberty to choose their genre or forte. Bigo Live has emerged as a useful app that has made interactions even more meaningful.

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