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A guide to paying on Amazon through Paypal

how to use PayPal credit on Amazon

Amazon is unarguably one of the most popular conglomerates out there. This is because it provides a one-stop-shop for almost every need that you may have and houses every type of consumer good. While shopping on Amazon, a question that many people ask themselves is, “Does Amazon take or accept PayPal?” The answer is – not exactly.

People also try to find out ways on how to use PayPal credit on Amazon.  But you cant directly use PayPal as a payment method in Amazon. Even in credit form. But there are ways that you can still use PayPal to pay for your purchases there. Read to know-how.

Can I pay with Paypal on Amazon? If not, why?

The most straightforward answer to the question of can you use Paypal on Amazon is no. Like stated above, Paypal cannot be used directly as a payment method on Amazon. This is because firstly, they’re pretty much competitors since Amazon also has a payment mechanism called Amazon Pay.

Secondly, Paypal emerged through the existence of eBay and remained partnered with it, even after it became independent. eBay is well known as an Amazon competitor, so there is a conflict of interest here as well.

How to use Paypal on Amazon?

Now, even though there isn’t a direct method, you can move about with it in indirect ways. 

Buy an Amazon gift card – The most approachable way to go about using Paypal to pay on Amazon is by buying an Amazon gift card from any third party retailer. You can then use it on the Amazon site. However, double-check the site you’re buying it from and make sure their credentials are foolproof.

Use a Paypal card – You can also acquire a Paypal Cash Card or a Paypal Mastercard and then use that to pay for your Amazon goods. The process of getting these cards is super simple and will allow you to use your Paypal account balance without any hiccups in between.

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