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5 Best Dirt Bike Protective Gear for Kids

Dirt Bike

When you teach your kids how to ride a dirt bike, you should also discuss the importance of wearing protective gear. Riding any bike without safety gear will put them in a lot of danger. The hazards of the roads, such as accidents, natural calamities, crashes, etc., may take a toll on their well-being. Encouraging your little ones to wear protective gear from the beginning will develop the habit of wearing it in the future.

Dirt biking is not an easy sport. Your kid may fall and injure themselves. Wearing dirt bike protective gear is a must. We have listed down the essentials that you must include in their dirt bike protective gear kit to provide optimum safety from the dangers of the road.


A helmet is an essential safety gear more than any other protective accessory on the list. Head injuries in your kids may be fatal. Wearing a helmet ensures that they do not fall prey to such injuries and ride safely on the rough terrain.

The markets are flooded with different kids’ motorbike helmets. When you shop for one, always look for a helmet that provides a snug fit. The constructions should be comfortable, breathable, and protective.


Boots are the second most important safety gear you must include in your child’s protective gear kit. Buying good-quality boots help protect their feet, ankle, and shin from twisting, fracture, and other injuries.

Do not go for cheap boots as they do not last long. Always consider quality over quantity of the gear. When you buy boots from a good brand, you will enjoy superior safety features. Dirt biking boots are made of various materials. We recommend buying leather boots to provide maximum protection from falling and other injuries. Leather boots are durable. If maintained properly, they last long.

Chest Protector

As the name suggests, a chest protector protects your kid’s chest when they fall while riding a dirt bike. They are made with enough cushioning and incorporate other features that save your kid’s chest from a direct hit in case of crashing or falling. A chest protector also protects their ribs from fracturing.

When you buy a chest protector, ensure that it fits properly and doesn’t feel uncomfortable on your little one’s body. Choose a breathable and waterproof material over other options.

Knee and Elbow Pads

The knees and elbows of your little ones are too prone to injuries when they fall. Wearing knee and elbow pads ensure that they do not injure themselves. Knee and elbow pads also protect against other external elements.

Choose the gear that fits your little ones like a glove. Do not buy knee and elbow pads with hard plastic as they may feel uncomfortable on your kid’s skin. Ensure that they do not slip off. Always choose the right size.

Jersey and Pants

The protective gear of your little one is incomplete without a jersey and pants in it. Jersey and pants offer protection as well as comfort. They are made using soft and breathable material that does not stick with your little one’s body.

Make sure you choose a reliable brand while shopping for jerseys and pants. It is because the road hazards will abuse this gear a lot. Constant wearing and tearing of cheap quality gear will only have you spend more money. Buying good-quality gear is a one-time investment. Also, you get many styles and colors to choose from.


You can never overlook the importance of safety gear while riding a dirt bike. Ensure to buy all the above-listed accessories for your little one. Always teach them the importance of safe riding, no matter what terrain they ride on. All the best.

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