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10 Fabulous Yet Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

First off, congratulations on getting hitched, and starting that new, exciting chapter of your life with your significant other! This is, indeed, an occasion worth celebrating in romance and relaxation, exploring exotic destinations, and having the time of your life.

But after you sum up the wedding expenses and everything else that comes with a glorious wedding, you might feel overwhelmed with stress when choosing your perfect honeymoon destination.

We’ve compiled a list of ten amazing, not-so-costly honeymoon escapes you can book for yourself and your loved one – and have an incredible getaway to mark the beginning of your life together!

1.  Classy and cultured in Toronto

Canada truly has so much to offer, from its vast natural wealth all the way to these urban areas perfect for modern newlyweds such as yourselves. That’s why heading to Toronto as your honeymoon treat is a wonderful way to explore what’s near and dear to your heart: historic landmarks, museums as far as the eye can see, wonderful parks, and sophisticated restaurants for every romantic dinner you plan.

2.  Honey-hued Morocco

The kingdom of Morocco is a sight for sore eyes and one of the dreamiest destinations for couples, including the ones celebrating their marriage. In addition to the endless desert dunes, the playful waves of the coast, and the appeal of the local culture, there are numerous romantic resorts for you to stay in.

For instance, Kasbah Tamadot is a secluded, intimate resort perfect for couples who like to keep things boutique, and still a heartbeat away from many natural sights of the region.

3.  The Zen of Mexico’s Tulum

No, it’s not just the tequila that attracts young couples to celebrate their love in style here in Mexico’s most prized coastal jewel. It’s a combination of stunning beaches (of course), Mayan cuisine, hand-crafted goods to commemorate your trip, and spa experiences that even celebrities cannot resist, so why should you?

All of that and so much more at a more than reasonable price to allow you to splurge on fresh seafood and local artisan crafts.

4.  The colorful treasure trove named Sydney

Sure, Sydney may seem like a pricey place for a budget-bound newlywed couple, but if you know where to look and how to organize your itinerary, this iconic city will surprise you with its affordable offers.

Instead of the CBD area, opt for a charming Maroubra accommodation that is not just affordable, but intimate, and tantalizingly close to the city center, the famous Coogee Beach, and many gorgeous suburbs of Sydney. That way, you’ll mingle with the locals, get access to the nearby locally-loved eateries, and enjoy the tourist-free zones in the spirit of your romantic getaway.

5.  Malaysia’s exotic nooks

Known for its affordable accommodation, incredibly cheap food, and mesmerizing cultural heritage that’s almost free to explore, Malaysia is a top pick for couples who love exotic places with a humble soul. Its many picturesque islands will give you a slew of exploration opportunities, cocktail-laden evenings by the beach, and hours of exploring the local culture and life unraveling before your eyes.

The tempo of living in this Asian country is completely different from what you’re accustomed to, so prepare to immerse yourself into a new dimension of living as soon as you land on the enchanting shores of Malaysia.

6.  Vivid Thailand

Another perfect choice for newlyweds who love all things tropical and have a limited budget, Thailand will not disappoint even the pickiest of couples. For a perfect blend of romantic intimacy and exotic island hopping, you can stay in Phuket, the largest of all Thailand islands that is also considered the country’s most generous honeymoon destination when it comes to beauty.

7.  The gem of the Caribbean – Jamaica

Getting a sun-kissed tan while you’re enjoying the rhythmic music of the local beach bars, spending every waking minute walking down palm-sprinkled coasts – this is the image of your perfect Caribbean honeymoon in Jamaica. Explore the river on a bamboo raft (the exotic version of the Venetian gondola), and the underwater life by snorkeling, and you’ll find out what it truly feels like to spend your time in paradise.

8.  Get romantic in Lisbon

Soaked in history, breathtaking architecture, and vibrant nightlife to match the smiling locals’ spirit, Portugal’s capital is gaining more popularity as a honeymoon destination for couples from all over the globe. It’s affordable, versatile, easy to explore, the people are hospitable and helpful, and you’ll find that the finest experiences are the ones you didn’t plan.

See the castle town of Sintra, try some of the finest wines the world has ever seen, and take your time exploring the old part of the city for its majestic historical remnants. You’ll find yourself in love with your spouse once again, and in love with the city of Lisbon for all of its sun-soaked beauty and grace.

9.  Untamed in Kenya

Are you two lovebirds also thrill-seekers, thirsty for adventure, and eager to kick-start your new chapter by exploring the wild? Then nothing should stop you from finding an affordable way to explore Kenya’s wilderness treasures, including the country’s marine National Park by the name of Watamu, and of course, the unforgettable Nairobi Safari park.

See lions, zebras, hippos and other wild creatures in their natural habitat, soak in the sun, and spend your nights in local lodges that not only celebrate the local culture and history but also provide a unique glimpse at the surrounding natural wealth.

10. Cuba for the free-spirited

You can already hear the hip-swaying rhythms of Cuban music, can’t you? Cuba is the epitome of passion, hedonism, and unique love for life that few places can replicate. In addition to exploring timeless Havana and its rebellious beauty, you should spend some time exploring tobacco fields on horseback, and of course, don’t forget to bask in many of Cuba’s finest beaches, including Varadero, Playa Paradiso, and Guardalavaca.

In all fairness, there’s no such thing as a wrong beach in Cuba, but it pays to know where to go and where you’ll enjoy the crystalline water and sand under your feet alongside a cocktail in your hand.

Take your time when choosing your honeymoon destination, as each and every one of these places deserve to be on your list of candidates. All affordable, exciting, and mesmerizing, these cities, islands, and coastal resorts are the ideal place to start off your marriage in bliss and beauty – so choose wisely!

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